How AI is Going to Change Our Lives

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already part of our daily lives. We already use assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant on our phones and speakers every day. The future offered by self-driving cars which also use artificial intelligence technology is no longer out of the realm of possibility. Tesla cars are already using the AI system to analyze their surroundings and drive themselves. And then there is the most subtle, yet most important, way that AI has infiltrated our lives. When you watch a video on YouTube or read an article on the web, Google uses AI to analyze your preferences and suggests videos on Youtube or web articles based on your search. In this article, we’ll learn what AI is and how it is changing our lives fundamentally.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

This is only the beginning. Artificial intelligence is about to change the way we do business, listen to music, and everything in between. But what is artificial intelligence? Well, the best way to describe it: It is the process of collecting and analyzing some data and then uses it to make short and long-term predictions. In today’s world, this applies to both data collected from people and machines. This means that a computer can read a handwritten document, as is the case with OCR technology, and this is why AI algorithms can perform complex operations involving human elements successfully.

Where Does AI Excel?

One can already see AI systems taking over thousands of tasks previously performed by humans. Most of the tasks where you need to collect, analyze data, and take action based on it can easily be replaced by an AI-based system. This includes cashiers, receptionists, telemarketers, and bank teller machines which will soon be replaced by AI-based systems.

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And as artificial intelligence systems become more common and self-driving cars become widespread, autonomous drones for delivery and other miscellaneous tasks are becoming commonplace, so you can expect artificial intelligence systems to take over a whole diverse array of tasks. Many businesses rely on deep learning consulting with agencies like to prepare for this. 

How Will AI Affect Your Digital Life

Artificial intelligence is also poised to change social media and digital life in general. In fact, it’s already happening. Today, artificial intelligence technology makes it easier to find content, people, businesses, and organizations that meet our needs. This means that your Google searches will likely be even more accurate in the near future, your Facebook news feed will likely display content more relevant to you, and you will likely only see ads with products/services you need.

The flip side is that AI will make digital marketing much easier for businesses and marketers. Targeting individuals specifically will become much easier, which means companies can make money off of you much easier, which could spell really bad trouble if you’re already a shopping addict. This is in addition to the fact that curating feeds and results on social media means they’ll likely only show us things that we like/want to hear, further creating an echo chamber that detaches us from reality.

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