10 Successful Web Application

Many businesses have beautifully designed websites, yet they are finding it hard to offer an engaging platform where the users can access their services.

What these businesses need is a great web application idea that would improve the engagement rate, and increase conversion.

If you have some amazing web application ideas, then you need the help of web application developers.

They can put these ideas into practice by building a highly functional web application for your business.

In this article, we will share with you some great web app ideas that have enjoyed huge commercial success.

This will give you inspiration for what to look for when you are trying to create a web application for your business to improve user engagement and bring in more customers.

10 Hugely Successful Web Applications


Pinterest is a popular visual search engine that allows user to find images, recipes, videos and other products.

A few years back, Pinterest observed that only 1% of their visitors signed up. This prompted them to create a web app to engage more fruitfully with the viewers.

The Pinterest web app offered greater engagement and faster performance, which helped in increasing the click-through rate and the time spent by the visitor on the app significantly.

After the web app was launched, the company found that the total time spent by the visitors on the app increased by 40% and the users generated ad revenue saw a huge bump of 44%.

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Google Analytics

Any SEO expert will confirm that Google Analytics is one of the most important free web tools they use for their work.

The app is designed to offer maximum user engagement through real-time reporting, and the listing of popular keywords.

This web app with a simple interface is indispensable for launching any marketing campaign online.


Forbes is a renowned business magazine that publishes articles related to investment, industries, finance, and other business-related topics.

To improve the user experience, Forbes recently launched a web application that helped it to double the engagement rate.

This web app also helped Forbes to increase the number of readers who completed the articles by six times.


Lotto is an extremely popular lottery app with a huge user base.

The web application of Lotto allows the company to engage with their customers more effectively, thereby increasing the conversion rate by 50%.

Financial Times

Just like the Forbes magazine, the web application of the Financial Times; another well-known global newspaper, helped it to reach out to its users and improve the engagement rate.

The great thing about this web application is that it not only loads faster but swiping through the articles has also become much quicker.


This is a celebrated e-commerce site that is a subsidiary of the Alibaba group. Initially, 

AliExpress tried to improve the conversion rate by using its mobile site, which did not give the desired results.

Furthermore, their website also failed to engage the target audience on the mobile platform.

To rectify the situation they invested in building a website app, which significantly improved the conversion rate by 104%.

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Additionally, the number of visitors per session also doubled after the web application was launched.


Flipkart is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in India that has recently launched its web application called Flipkart Lite.

This application offers a faster and more engaging user experience. Earlier, Flipkart struggled to deliver an engaging web experience due to slow networks.

However, after the launching of their web app, they saw a 70% increase in conversion rate and a 40% increase in the re-engagement numbers.

Furthermore, the web application ensures that data usage also decreases by 300%.


If you want to book a movie ticket in India, then it is likely that you will do it through the immensely popular BookMyShow app.

The company migrated from its mobile site to a highly functional and engaging web app, resulting in an increased customer base and improving conversions.

The web application of BookMyShow created an engaging platform through which mobile users can easily book cinema tickets.

The migration to the web app has helped increase the conversion rate of BookMyShow by 80%


This well-known classified ads directory is in operation in more than 40 countries. It helps in connecting local buyers and sellers.

Most of the users of OLX connect through their smartphone, which prompted the company to create their web application to improve loading pages thereby reducing bounce rate.

After the launch of the web application, the re-engagement number increased by 250% and the bounce rate decreased by 80%.


Starbucks is a popular US-based coffee retail giant. This company decided to reach out to their target audience through a feature-rich web app.

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This app helped them to create a better engagement strategy with their target audience and thereby improving the conversion rate significantly.


In the article, we have shared with you some great web application ideas that were transformed into highly functional apps helping businesses to earn huge profit online.

You can also get inspiration from some of the ideas we have shared with you which would suit your business requirement.

If you already have an idea, then you should consult a reputed web application development company that would help you out to turn your idea into reality and create an app that would fulfil your business needs.

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