15 Most In demand Made In India Billing Software

Running a business is quite a hectic task. A lot of things are needed to be managed and taken care of. Managing accounts and billing forms the most vital part; they are the backbone of the entire process. Manually computing them can be quite hectic and can even cause irreversible damages to a well-settled business. That is when the online billing software marks their relevance within the entire setup. The software not only ensures speed, precision and satisfaction but they also eliminate all chances of potential manmade errors and ensures complete satisfaction on the clients’ side.

In-demand Indian Billing Software 

We are amidst a global crisis and it is very important for us to support our own creations and go vocal for the local. Here is a list of top 15 billing software, which are created by Indian professionals keeping in mind the business needs of Indian enterprises. 

1. Hitech Billsoft

Powerful billing software for small businesses, wholesalers and service providers, offering more than 20 GST and non-GST invoice templates, thermal receipts and more. The software is compatible with barcode scanners and can be used without the internet as well. Moreover, users can also monitor the account related balance, generated invoices, payments etc of an individual client, directly within the software. Hitech Billsoft is compatible with Windows devices and also has an Android app of its own.     

2. Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP is a cloud-based accounts management software, using which enterprises can view, monitor and reorder their stocks within a fraction of seconds. The detailed reports offered by the software facilitates efficient decision-making procedure. Accountants operating Tally ERP 9 can generate professional GST invoices, manage multiple branches, monitor the outstanding payments and send reminders with ease. The software also helps its users in filing their GST returns in an accurate manner.   

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3. Swipez Billing

Swipez Billing is an advanced accounting solution. That offers a wide variety of customizable templates that are in complete compliance with the latest GST rules. Moreover, users can also add their own fields. Accountants can schedule payment reminders and the software notifies the designated clients about the unpaid amounts via SMS or Emails. Swipez Billing also eases out the recurring payments by offering a one-time authorization facility. Further, it comes with a centralized dashboard, enabling users to monitor online and offline payments in a simultaneous manner.     

4. HDPOS Smart

HDPOS smart is an intuitive billing and invoice management software with which users can manage multiple customers, define group-based loyalty programs and generate accurate invoices. It comes with an intuitive inventory management feature enabling admins to monitor their business stocks that are stored within the warehouse or are in transit. HDPOS smart also helps its users in generating purchase orders, credit notes for suppliers and monitoring dues. The software is compliant with multiple payment gateways, enabling users to accept payments from their clients via cards, bank transfers, checks and more. 

5. Marg ERP9+ 

Marg ERP 9+ is an intuitive billing software for individual or chain business solutions related to manufacturing, retail and distribution. The software is equipped with an e-invoicing feature of its own where users can upload B2B invoices registered under IRP. The advanced Whatsapp integration offered by Marg ERP 9+ allows users to forward invoices, ledger balances, reminders etc directly to their clients’ numbers. Further, business owners can track their business sales via Google Map integration and discover new business leads in a hassle-free manner.  

6. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an online GST billing and invoicing software that helps its users to generate professional invoices, accept online payments in cards or other modes and send reminders to dedicated clients in an automated way. Moreover, the software has an intuitive gallery of its own housing a wide variety of customizable invoices. Zoho Invoice features an intuitive approval feature which allows enterprises to cross-check an invoice before sending them to the dedicated client. 

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7. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an online billing software, with which users can create GST invoices compliant with necessary rules and regulations. They can also track unpaid GST bills and send in timely reminders to dedicated customers. Additionally, auditors can either import their own invoice formats, customize them or use the wide variety of invoice templates offered by the software. The connect to bank feature allows users to integrate their banking details with QuickBooks and download all business-related transactions in an organised manner.     

8. Saral Billing

Saral Billing is an intuitive billing software fully compliant with GST regulations, helping users to manage their business-related account books, voucher entries and TDS with ease. The billing software is equipped with 100+ invoice formats, facilitating hassle-free e-way billing. Moreover, it comes with a separate login portal for the auditors, enabling them to make remarks that will be visible to the accountant.    

9. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an advanced billing solution for small businesses, offering a fast and secure portal for online payment collection. Users can generate professional-looking invoices with ease. They can also monitor their business status and take relevant decisions based on the detailed reports offered by the software.   

10. Sleek Bill India

Sleek Bill India is an intuitive billing solution designed for freelancers and small business houses, helping them to streamline the entire accounting procedure. The software supports GST tax invoice, GSTIN, supply bills, HSN columns and more. Moreover, users can also generate detailed GST invoices for their business with accurate fields embedded within them.

11. Vyapar Accounting and Invoicing

Vyapar Accounting and Invoicing is an advanced GST billing software using which business owners can digitize their cash book. The software offers 10+ GST billing templates, helping users to process their entire business in an efficient manner. Moreover, Vyapar Accounting and Invoicing can be operated both in online and offline modes and comes with a dedicated mobile app of its own.   

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12. ProfitBooks Invoicing

ProftBooks invoicing is an online billing solution using which business owners can create professional invoices and track all the outstanding payments with ease. The software is compliant with multiple payment modes, facilitating payments via wallets, net banking, debit or credit cards. Moreover, the automatic tax calculation feature offered by ProfitBooks Invoicing saves in a lot of time and effort of an individual owner, helping them to focus on other important tasks.   

13. Invoicera

Invoicera is an online billing solution for digital agencies, logistics, restaurants and telecommunication businesses, enabling them to generate professional looking invoices with ease. Owners of an individual business can automate their entire invoicing procedure by setting up payment reminders for their clients. Moreover, all data monitored through Invoicera are completely safe as it uses three-layer security to protect them from unauthorized intruders.  

14. Express Invoice

Express Invoice is an advanced billing software, using which business houses can generate invoices, automate their recurring statements and send bills to dedicated clients via email or fax, directly from the software. Enterprises can customise the generated invoices include their logo, notes and heading texts within the particulars. Moreover, Express Invoice supports a wide variety of tax rates and can calculate VAT in an automated manner.     

15. InvoiceNinja

InvoiceNinja is an intuitive billing solution, with which business houses can generate professional-looking bills either by using a wide variety of pre-built templates or by importing their own. Users can send in clickable email quotations to their clients, that they can approve in just a single click and turn them into payable invoices. Further, InvoiceNinja is compatible with various payment modes, facilitating hassle-free transactions.

Final Words

The modern business setup requires quick and efficient service, ensuring maximum accuracy and zero errors. Thanks to the wide variety of online billing software available in the Indian market for making it possible. Here’s hoping that the article was helpful and you finally became sure about your choice. 

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