7 Actionable Tips to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience

When it comes to mobile app design, it is imperative to consider your users. Mind you, only those that provide excellent user experience succeed in the mobile app market.

Hence, the simple formula in making a successful mobile app is UX. Providing an excellent UX helps boost your conversion and cultivate brand loyalty. That’s because your app is meant to make someone’s life easier.

Here are x actionable tips that you can do to boost your mobile app’s user experience:

1. Keep it Simple

Of course, the best way to make your mobile app users is to keep the design single.

You might want to accomplish an out-of-the-box approach. But this can make your app complicated. This could mean adding unnecessary features that can hurt the design of your app.

At Sytian Mobile App Developer Philippines, we tend to go for a minimalist UI design. That’s because it ensures the simplicity of a mobile.

But keep in mind that simplicity does not necessarily mean a bare interface. It only means that you focus on your user needs and the app features that can cater to it.

2. Apply Uniformed Design

Aside from simplicity, it is also imperative that your app has a consistent look. Doing so prevents confusion while users are navigating your app.

Imagine looking at an app that has a predominantly blue color. And when you open one of its features, it is suddenly pink and purple. Would you not ask yourself if you were redirected to another app?

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This explains why uniformity in app design is essential. The key here is to keep the structure and aesthetics of your mobile app.

3. Use Proper Color Combination

Aside from a uniformed look, the color combination you use on your app’s UI is also essential.

For one, it prevents color saturation. Too many colors or too much contrast can overwhelm the eyes. And it makes your mobile app less vibrant.

Second, the use of too many colors can lead to user disengagement. That’s because your color scheme disturbs the user’s eyes.

Thus, it would be ideal to use three colors at most when designing your mobile app. But keep in mind that your aim is to maintain a consistent look throughout the app.

Also, refrain from using vibrant colors.

4. Add In-app Search Feature

Users have various reasons for using your app. Some use it to make a transaction while others use it to seek information.

It would help if you made it easy for your users to do what they want to do, no matter the purpose. This is where having an in-app search feature could come in handy.

This feature makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Otherwise, they will leave and uninstall your app and move on to the next.

5. Remove Unnecessary Features

As mentioned earlier, users have various reasons for using your app. But that does not mean that you should load your mobile app with too many bells and whistles.

If you are working on an e-commerce app, here are the standard features you will need:

  • Quick sign-up page and effortless login
  • Product search and filter options
  • Fast check out 
  • Inclusive payment channels
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Anything extra can make or break your app. Thus, it would also help if you have a channel where users can leave a review or request a feature.

6. Don’t Forget Error Notification

No matter how seamless and well-designed your mobile app is, users can make mistakes. Hence, it would be best to add an Error Notification feature.

This feature notifies the users of what error occurred and what they can do to rectify it. It is as simple as telling users that they forgot to fill in a field while signing up.

Nonetheless, Error Notification features should waste your user’s time.

If they do not know what the next step is, it will just frustrate them. And as with any frustrated users, they will leave and uninstall your app instead.

7. Develop Seamless Functionality

Seamless functionality is all about letting your users complete their tasks using your app with ease.

In case you do not know, 90% of mobile app users stop using an app due to poor performance. Meanwhile, 86% of users uninstall an app because it is inconsistent.

Issues with apps can range from always needing to update it to still crashing when in use.

Hence, as early as the development, you must keep the essential features in mind.

Of course, this will depend on what mobile app you are working on. But focusing on the basic features allows you to create a roadmap that can set your mobile app for success.

Excellent Mobile App UX Matters

Mobile App UX is what helps you meet your users’ needs and requirements. But developing a user-friendly mobile app can be challenging.

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For one, you need to put yourself in your users’ shoes. Second, you need to consider how an app can help you achieve your business goals.

Nonetheless, the key lies in improving your mobile app’s usability. And here are x tips to do it:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Apply uniformed design
  3. Use a proper color combination
  4. Add an in-app search feature
  5. Remove unnecessary features
  6. Don’t forget error notification
  7. Develop seamless functionality

If you can implement these usability tips, you are sure to deliver a great user experience. A great UX is what compels users to be loyal to you and your app, which can have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

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