Awesome Apps Developed By Students

The advancement and increasing accessibility of technology has brought about the development of a diverse range of apps. Apps have become integral to our daily lives the same way smartphones and the internet prove. It can take a significant time to peruse through Google Play or Store in taking stock of the sheer volume of such apps. 

Some of the applications come as open access, while others require a subscription fee. The apps come in different shapes, with some proving useful for recreation, entertainment, or brain training. It’s often a common feature to find most of these apps relying on internet connectivity to function, but currently, a significant proportion do not require the internet to function. While studying and using these apps you can write a paper or get essays for sale from the experts to save your time.

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So what apps have come into existence as a result of student effort? Some of which you have sampled countless times.

Apps Developed By Students

  • JomStudy. Yong Xun, a student-developed app to assist other students after experiencing difficulties with the heaviness and complexity of large revision books. The app provides SPM students an option of learning sixteen SPM subjects by utilizing the assistance provided by the notes. It comprises disciplines such as chemistry, biology, English, and mathematics, aimed at enhancing Malaysian education. Further, the app comes free and lacks the annoying ads which often support such apps. As a result, all you need to do to ensure it remains viable entails sharing and encouraging students to download it, especially, when owning a compatible device.
  • VYBRNT. Well, the app has not hit the market yet due to the outbreak of the global health pandemic (Covid-19), but can have a tremendous impact. Joel Sakyi decided to develop the app after finding himself lost in Pennsylvania. It aims at assisting students, especially those of color to get safe spaces and link up with campus resources. You can find diverse organizations with matched interests and backgrounds in a matter of minutes compared to the struggles of Joel. When it gets officially launched, students in Pennsylvania will not feel lost again.    
  • EyeCanDo. The app came into existence in 2018 as a result of student efforts to lend assistance to individuals suffering from ALS. It’s a condition that impairs mobility by rendering victims impaired. The app will assist victims of ALS, to become more independent by switching lights off or on, send messages, set temperature, and effectively interact with their smart houses through eye movement. The app aims at reducing the burden laid on caregivers by paralyzed patients by ensuring they live an almost efficient life similar to the one before ailing.
  • Uni-Life. The app got developed from the need to assist new students in taking part in events organized within the university. University and college life exposes and encourages individuals to forge new relationships. For relationships to get formed, students have to participate in events. The app sees a continuous increase in downloads and indicates its usefulness to Dutch students when it comes to planning their time. 
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The apps outlined above do not seek to generate income but assist students or the disadvantaged in society, to have better lives. Further, it shows that students can go above and beyond in identifying and solving issues in a practical way. 

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