Best Apps for Watching Movies on Android Smartphone

Video streaming has become the primary demand for everyone in today’s world. Every industry is changing digitally. There is an immense change in the entertainment source. No one has time to sit in the room and watching television. Anyone consisting of an android device with an internet connection can entertain themselves. All the online streaming apps on the android device provide some free content as well as subscription content. It may be of your choice or some of them of your choice but you can purchase it according to your need too.

There are several advantages of using android devices for online watching movies such as mentioned below:

  • Android phones have a large battery backup as compared to any other gadget.
  • Android phones provide a better look and feel.
  • It is very simple to manage and handle.
  • The android apps are securely available and downloaded in the device.
  • The screen resolution quality is so awesome.
  • Accessories of android devices are available globally like speakers and Bluetooth headset.
  • We can also download and store movies on the device and watch it while traveling and in free time.
  • Apps downloaded from the google play store and legal source are very secure and don’t harm the device information.

Here is the list of some of the best trending apps for watching movies in android devices like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Videos, Beetv, and Youtube.


Netflix is America’s top media and production supplier company. It comes under the 7th biggest revenue generator in media in the world. It provides 30 days free trial plan the beginning in which you can add to your watchlist according to your favorite movies of all the religions and available in different languages. It also produces its movies and around 183 subscribers. It has a 4-5 subscription plan according to video quality and device compatibility.

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It is compatible with various platforms like Smart television, android phones, IOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux also. The subscription plan starts from Rs 199 to Rs 799 per month like a mobile plan(Rs 199)- one screen only accessible in mobile phone, basic plan(Rs 499)- one screen accessible in both mobile, laptop, and television, standard plan(Rs 649)- two-screen accessible in mobile, laptop and television with 1080p quality and premium plan(Rs 799)-4 screen accessibility in all the devices with 1080 4k+ HDR quality.


It is a free tool for downloading the movies in the android phone. It consists of mostly all the movies of Netflix, amazon prime, and the latest released video. The library of BeeTV APK is large and there are no charges for entertainment. You have to simply download your favorite movie and enjoy it. Its user interface is very simple just open the app and select the movie and click the link of the movie after some time it will show in your device file manager.

Disney +

It is also an American multinational company in media and production. It doesn’t compromise with the quality and it is a paid video app with ad-free content that provides all the fox studios and Disney movies like avengers, national geography, 20th century, and many more. It may the competitor of Netflix but Netflix offers more content in comparison with Disney+. There is a download option which will help you to utilize your time without the internet also.

Prime Video

It is one of the products of the Amazon which comes with the subscription of amazon prime. It is the best entertainment source in various quality with subtitles and provides content in 22 languages like Hindi, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Polski, Francais, and many more. It consists of the biggest production house as compared to other production houses and shows the updated movies of every niche. It offers 30 days free trial and with a subscription plan of Rs 129 per month and doesn’t have any screen option means you can use it in your android phone, laptop, television, and many more.

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Youtube is one of the largest traffic generating sources in the World. It has millions of subscribers and it offers a both free and paid version of it. In the free version, it shows very limited movies that are dubbed and also with ads but in its subscription plan, it provides all the movies with high definition and downloads feature without ads. The Youtube subscription plan starts with Rs 129 per month.

These apps also help to select their priority content and cost less as compared to movie tickets. As whole android apps make the entertainment medium very easy and convenient for everyone.

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