What Are The Best Programming Languages For Software Development?

Software development requires time and patience to master it. If you have just begun your journey to become a developer, you might feel confused about how to take the first step. Don’t worry it happens when something is completely new to you. I will suggest that before you step into the software development world, it would be better if you get yourself acquainted with the several programming languages that are a must to learn the skill. 

Now, if you are thinking about selecting one language, let me tell you there are many that are used as and when required. Top software development companies don’t rely on one single language for their project, they apply the one depending on the factors involved in the project.

Here we are going to discuss the best and the top used programming languages for software development that you can consider:

  1. JavaScript

No one can imagine becoming a software developer without learning  JavaScript as it is the most popular option for quite a long time now. This programming language is important for front-end web development and most of the social media giants such as Gmail, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook depend upon JavaScript to produce interactive web pages and display content to its viewers.

  1. Python

It is a high-level language used for general-purpose programming. In most software development companies such as web applications, language development, gaming, etc., Python language performs really well as it has a simple syntax, automatic memory management, and dynamic features. Debugging is quite easy in this language and this is the main reason that testers use Python. Also, it is an object-oriented language and is portable across operating systems; the data structure is user-friendly and this programming language is widely supported.

  1. Swift
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If mobile development excites you the most, you can select Swift as your programming language. Although introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift is new in the race, it is a popular option to create iOS and macOS applications. The highlight of this programming language is that it is compatible with every iPad and iPhone but is also useful for other operating systems such as the ones used for Apple watches and Apple Tvs. It has been optimized for performance and has been built in such a way to match the actualities of modern iOS development.

  1. Ruby

Ruby is one simple programming language to use as you will not be required to have a good command over programming vocabulary or commands. There are many tools and libraries provided along with the language. However, even with so many advantages, Ruby doesn’t perform well on large websites, hence is only popular with small websites. The programming language offers a full-stack framework, that makes testing any software that has been developed using Ruby is quite straightforward. Some other advantages of Ruby are it is user-friendly and efficient, the syntax is easy & understandable. 

  1. Scala

Those who are well informed with the classic programming language, Java you must check out Scala, often called Java’s modern cousin. Scala has the best features of Java but in an advanced way. The developers can improve the quality of their code with the help of this functional programming language. You can also do concurrent programming that implies to execute complex procedures in parallel. 

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Scala is a strongly typed language and it lets you create and customize data types.

  1. C

The name is quite short but this programming language is one of the most difficult to learn. However, if you are able to learn ‘C’, understanding and learning other languages such as C++ becomes automatically easy. A tester who is efficient in C knows how to test a program written in any other language as C is a machine-level language. The plus point is it is portable and the set-up is really quick. Using it you can clearly arrange a program in a logical way. Apart from this, C is known as the base of other languages that are popular today.

  1. Go

Go is a low-level language, hence is considered suitable for developers who have just enter the programming world. The functionality is almost the same as C and C++ only if you exclude the difficult syntax and steep learning curve. If you are interested in web server, machine-learning packages, and data pipeline, Go is the programming language you must go for. Go is an open-source language and allows for a blazing-fast runtime.

  1. LISP

LISP offers a high level of flexibility and capability to complete a particular task as decided and that is the reason it is one of the largely preferred languages in artificial intelligence development. It is the second oldest programming language apart from being one of the top programming languages for software testing. LISP ensures effective coding due to compilers and agile prototyping skills. The other highlights are- LISP can modify its own syntax for a particular programming style, and supports functional and imperative programs.

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