Unleash Your Creativity: The Top 5 Drawing Apps for Tablets

Tablets give you great opportunities to realize your creative potential. They are convenient for drawing at amateur and even professional levels. With them, you can do vector graphic design, create vivid raster drawings, make references for a gaming app design, and develop skills. And a wide range of tools makes the process much easier. The best apps for drawing on the tablet will suit everyone and will give a lot of positive emotions.

Top 5 Drawing Apps for Tablets

5 Best Drawing Apps for Tablets

#1 ibis Paint X

An advanced drawing application is available to owners of Android and iOS tablets. It is a very powerful application that is able to compete with desktop programs and surpasses many graphic editors on the PC. ibis Paint X works using OpenGL. That’s why all actions are smooth and fast. And you will be able to save your drawing process as a movie, to trace the creation of a picture from scratch. You can use the application with or without a stylus or draw only with your fingers and make references for PlayAmo casino app

The complete graphic editor on the tablet includes a huge set of tools. Users have access to over 4.5 thousand subspecies of brushes, 800 fonts and nearly 100 filters for post-processing images. At the same time, the application allows you to work with layers in 27 modes. And for convenience, it has built-in rulers, masks, and different color blending options. The interface is intuitive and properly categorized.

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#2 Sketchbook

In Sketchbook, you can create quick sketches or work on intricate compositions. You can doodle with your finger or use a professional stylus. And the customizable functionality makes the app suitable for all users, including beginners and experienced artists. Sketchbook is one of the most popular apps when making metal monograms in the sign industry.

Sketchbook offers dozens of sets of tools for creating images on tablets. You will have access to brushes, pencils, markers, pastels, and other forms of drawing. They work identically to real tools. Therefore, the artist can understand in advance what he or she should choose. At the same time, each of the art brushes can be adjusted according to your requirements. And to make your work easier, you can adjust the layers.

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#3 Infinite Painter

With Infinite Painter, you can create a masterpiece or create a simple sketch. And you can do it even without a stylus. Infinite Painter is similar to Photoshop in its functionality and even excels in comparison with other graphic editors in terms of ease of use. Correct distribution of functionality with a deep elaboration of the interface makes the work more efficient. At the same time you can not only draw a picture on the tablet from scratch. Users can clone finished images or edit them to correct individual details.

The app offers more than 150 brush presets. Users can also create their own variations. And when using a ready-made one, you can carefully adjust its parameters so that it gives maximum results. While painting, you can switch between layers, quickly change details, and use guides. Plastique, on the other hand, will help you change the image on the fly by blurring or twisting it. So you have everything you need to create a great picture on your tablet.

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#4 PaperColor 

PaperColor includes the most important tools. That’s why it doesn’t have unnecessary details that can confuse the interface. It is easy to navigate for beginners, but it has enough functionality even for experienced artists.

PaperColor on tablets allows you to draw with a pencil, brush, marker and roller. It also has precision gauges available that allow you to create even lines at any distance. Each gauge can be customized so that when you draw, they produce the desired result with a minimum of action. The app includes a dropper that allows you to quickly identify the color you’ve already used and return to it. You can print any text on top of the drawing. And the background can easily be replaced with a specific image.

#5 Picsart Color

In Picsart Color, you will be able to draw a digital picture, correct it and share the result with your friends. You can use it even without a special stylus. And the clever interface helps you to achieve outstanding work.

You can use any brush, fine-tune it, or even specify a specific texture. You can also pick up a color or mix it with two other colors to get the best combination of tones in your picture. And for convenience, the app allows you to activate symmetrical painting with automatic rotation of the canvas on an axis. At the same time, you can create separate layers for different parts of the work.

FAQs related to Drawing Apps for Tablets

Can I use these apps for professional work?

Yes, many of these drawing apps are suitable for professional work, especially for digital artists. Procreate, for example, is widely used by professional artists and offers a wide range of features and tools for creating high-quality artwork.

What are the differences between free and paid drawing apps for tablets?

Free drawing apps for tablets may offer limited features and tools compared to paid apps. Paid apps, on the other hand, offer more advanced features, greater customization options, and a wider range of brushes and tools. However, there are also many great free drawing apps available that are perfect for hobbyists and casual users.

Do I need a stylus to use these drawing apps?

A stylus can greatly enhance your experience when using a drawing app, but it is not necessary. Most drawing apps can be used with your finger or a regular stylus, although some may require a more advanced stylus with additional features such as pressure sensitivity. The choice of stylus will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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