iOS App Development – Best IDEs to Streamline the Development!

Mobile app development has taken over the world by storm. 

That’s why it demands to be done with sheer diligence. 

And, when it’s about a platform as prominent as iOS, you can not afford to fall at any moment or step!

iOS devices and apps have become the first choice for millions of people worldwide. On one hand, the iPhone, Mac, iOS apps have made a significant place in the minds of users, and, on the other, custom iOS application development, iOS services have grabbed the attention of a plethora of developers all over the world.

The pace with which Apple, the creator of iOS technology, and the technology itself is moving forward, no wonder they would be a part of every house.

This is, however, quite a big topic for another time. Let’s just talk in terms of apps. 

What’s behind such fantastic apps? 

Behind are some excellent tools for the development of iOS applications. These tools make the iOS application development simple and productive. There are multiple tools, such as languages, frameworks, SDKs, IDEs, etc. used to develop iOS apps. 

In this article, we will cast light on the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) about what they are and the best IDEs for iOS app development

What is an IDE?

IDE or Integrated Development Environment can be described as a combination of all the necessary tools to write or test software. The tools required throughout the development process include text editors, compilers, and much more.

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Using them individually could result in the hustle and bustle with a lot of frustration. 

IDEs, in that case, bring all those tools together on a single platform, making carrying out functionalities easier. 

It comes as a package serving all your needs to develop an application.

Features of IDE

There are a bunch of features of IDE. Here are the top 3. 

  • Source Code Editor: The source code editor is where you write the code for IDE to highlight syntax to achieve enhanced classification and readability. The code also gets completed automatically, thus, decreasing the stress of remembering the right codes and improves productivity. 
  • Automated Build Processes – It is essential to perform the compilation of every program pre-execution. With IDE, there is no need to do it manually; IDE does it on its own. IDE makes the process automatic, which in turn allows developers to focus on the logic.
  • Debugging – Removing errors is more important than anything else to make your app perform the way it is meant to be. IDE provides tools for debugging, which make developers perform a thorough examination of the coding. 

Other features of IDE include error diagnostic, source-code formatting, reporting, etc. 

IDEs are so complete that you can get started with your custom iOS application development whenever you want. Now that we have a basic idea of what IDEs are let’s take a look at top IDEs for iOS application development. 

Top IDEs for iOS App Development

You can find a plethora of IDEs for the development of your iOS application. But if you are confused with what to choose, take a look at some best available options here. 

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Xcode is Apple’s own IDE, which has become the best one in the list of IDEs and is used to develop Apple products. You can manage everything from the beginning to the end with Xcode, which includes creating the app, optimizing, testing, and submitting it on the App Store. 

Some of its incredible features include single-window interface, intelligent source code editor, graphical UI design, integrated debugger, testing and integrations, auto-save and source control management, integrated documentation, etc. 


Appcode, developed by JetBrains, can be considered as a smart IDE for iOS application development. With its intelligent development environment, it makes quick execution of the code possible. The safe and accurate refactoring results in improving and modifying the code. You can easily move to any class, file, or image with Appcode and use structure views produced through your project structure. It also provides different ways of code completion. 


Atom, licensed under MIT, is the IDE developed by GitHub, which provides a customizable environment along with the simple installation of packages. 

This IDE for iOS application development is a text editor with a different approach. It is also a tool having the support of the Swift language. The Swift language package is available in the Atom editor.

SublimeText 3

If you wish for a clean and fast, functional code editor with an option for great plugins, snippets, etc. then SublimeText 3 is a perfect choice. 

It is ideal for markup and coding. A slick programming environment is provided by SublimeText 3 along with exclusive features for high-quality performance. 

There is no doubt that it is one of the best code editors!

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CodeRunner 2

For Mac, CodeRunner 2 is an easy and simple programming editor with high flexibility and versatility. This feature of CodeRunner 2 supports multiple languages. 

Lightweight and clutter-free are some added advantages. The main reason behind it being developed is to enable developers to run code in any language quickly. It has a long list of some unimaginable and amazing features. Some of them are TextMate theme support, automatic indentation support, interactive console, file Navigator, intelligent bracket matching, custom compile flags, symbol navigator, run with arguments & input sets, word completions, and so on.

Final Words 

There are many options available out there. Decide if you wish to go with custom iOS application development services or work with resources you have, just analyze and initiate the production of your iOS application.

However, you would never regret using the ones mentioned above. It is always better with the best!

These IDEs would not just streamline the development process but also make it easier to a great extent to improve your application’s quality. 

Don’t wait anymore and get on board with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that suits your project. You may come up with an iOS application that nobody has ever thought about before!

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