Top 10 Developer Tools

Developers are always expected to give their best in a quick time frame. Coding can be complex at times. 

Developers are always looking for quick ways to develop their projects. There are many great developer tools which help developers to develop applications or websites in a fast way. Such tools help to code in a fast and effective way.

Let us dig in to know about such developer tools.

Top developer tools you need to know about:

The following are the top developer tools.

1.      Android Studio:

As most of the smart devices are now using android as their system software, the need for a great platform for developing android apps has increased. Android studio is one of the best platforms that can assist the developers in developing all the apps that can run on Android devices like Smartphones, tablets, TV, and Watches.

Pros of Android Studio:

  • Provides excellent debug mode.
  • Open-source software.
  • The auto-translation feature of code from Java to Kotlin is great.
  • Supported by a huge community of android developers.

2.      Atom:

Sometimes there is a need to edit the source code of software but the difference in languages supported by different SQL tools makes it very difficult and time-consuming. Atom is the tool that can be very helpful in this case. This is because Atom provides the text editing capabilities that can be used for web development, software scripting, and many other uses.

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Pros of Atom:

  • Very easy to use and understand the development environment.
  • All tools are nicely structured.
  • The plugin ecosystem makes it very quick.
  • Works on almost all computer platforms for free.

3.      Docker:

Whenever an application software for a computer is developed, the biggest challenge for the developers is to test it because it requires more than one computer to do so. Here the biggest problem that is solved by Docker is that the developer will not have to switch between computers for the process of building, managing, running, and distributing the applications.

This is because the whole process is done by virtually operating the process on the same computer as a different computer.

Pros of Docker.

  • Easy and quick to set up.
  • Provides great usability.
  • It is a great tool to build software from scratch.
  • Provides the ability to use custom repositories.

4.      GitHub:

GitHub is a tool that is used worldwide by developers and teams of developers. It is very helpful because it not only provides a platform for collaboration work for a team of developers around the world. It also provides a graphical interface that is web-based, and it is very easy to use and manage. The tools provided here are more than enough for any kind of project.

Pros of GitHub:

  • Features like code owners and batch protection are great.
  • A great place for programmers to learn and discuss their problems.
  • Powerful user interface for requests.
  • Teamwork is made easier with the help of features like collaboration and auditing.

5.      Gitkraken

As git is a command-line tool, GitKraken is a cross-platform tool that works for most famous operating systems like macOS, Linux, and Windows. It provides the basic functionality of drag and drop for actions that are used with the different Git commands. It can be very helpful in automating workflow and resolving the merge conflicts.

Pros of GitKraken

  • Offers great integrations with GitHub and its enterprise versions.
  • Provides easy to manage options for tracking team and separate tasks.
  • The linear timeline feature helps in organizing the tasks.
  • Makes the individual and team-based development tasks very easy.
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6.      IntelliJ IDEA:

This is a tool that can help develop projects in many different popular programming languages. The main feature of this development tool is that it can help developers in organizing the source code, testing the code, managing the libraries, the personal coding settings, and the build instructions all in one place.

The wide range of features this tool provides at the single platform makes it work-it for its cost.

Features of IntelliJ IDEA:

  • Free for the GitHub Student Developer Pack
  • The user interface is very easy to use.
  • Offers great connectivity options for third-party tools.
  • Offers a lot of options for configuration.

7.      Slack:

It is a platform that is used by organizations and teams to replace emails. The need for this tool is because of two main reasons. Emails do not get the necessary attention and the other reason is that having an easy to use platform for chatting in the form of groups.

It also provides the option for private real-time chatting and sharing other important information related to projects and tasks.

Pros of Slack.

  • The user interface is very easy to use.
  • The notification feature is amazing in itself.
  • Communication works great while you are working on a project on Slack.
  • Easy integration options.

8.      Sublime Text:

Apart from being a fully functional integrated development environment, sublime text is a text editing platform that is used for editing code of different software. But sublime is not a radula and simple text editor as it has a ton of features.

These are the extraordinary features that make sublime text great for editing codes. It has an amazing user interface with some tools and the performance of this tool is also great.

Features of Sublime Text:

  • Very easy to use.
  • There are several preferences for the user interface to meet the needs of different developers.
  • The text highlighting option works great for debugging.
  • Find and replace features are easier to use than other tools with similar features.
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9.      Unity

Unity is one of the most amazing tools present in the world today. The best part about this integrated development environment is that it is available for different operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

It is a very powerful tool, and this is the reason that it is used for developing games for consoles, mobile devices, and computers. Apart from games, it can also be used for developing applications and web-plugins.

Features of Unity:

  • Provides quick development options.
  • Professional user interface for easy development.
  • Powerful enough for developing simple and complex games.
  • The available libraries for development save a lot of time.

10. Visual Studio Code:

For most of the projects, an integrated development environment is not required. This is because most of the libraries are present over the internet and on all the tools. Other than this, some computers demand the tools to be light on the hardware and powerful enough at the same time.

Due to these reasons,

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is one of the best source code editors present. It can work on a lot of languages and the syntax features of this editor edit codes very easily.

Features of Visual Studio Code:

  • Provides a very attractive programming environment because of code colors and themes.
  • Uses a very less amount of Ram on the computer.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Easy to integrate with Git.

Complete List of Developer Tools

For a comprehensive list of free developer tools, please check below. It has more than 500 amazing developer tools.

List of Free Developer Tools


Sometimes, the need of having a skilled developer is more than a great tool. But most of the time the tool affects the performance of developers. This is because all the tools are getting better for the developers. Here we discussed the Top 10 tools that can be helpful for the developers in different fields of developing great software or applications.

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