Top 5 Phone Tracker Applications in 2020

Phone tracker applications these days are in the limelight. Why not! These applications get the attention of the people because everything has shifted to the cloud.  Data is precious, and people want to have it for many activities and are worth a lot. Most of the people want to track the phone to keep an eye on their activities for digital parenting and to keep an eye on productivity and business safety in working hours. Parents are scared enough due to the kid’s interaction with online predators. On the other hand, employers want to protect the data and increase the productivity of the business.

Today we are going to review the top 5 phone tracker application in 2020 that empowers you to track the target cellphone devices connected to the cyberspace. We will discuss their effectiveness in terms of features, installation, and result orientation of the features. 

Top 5 Phone tracker apps in 2020 

Following are the top mobile tracker apps in the business these days that empowers you to set parental control on kid’s phone and to keep a hidden eye on employee’s activities in working hours on business owned cellphones. 


It is one of the best cell phone tracking app in these days. You can install it on the target mobile device and then use its online web portal to control it and to execute surveillance on it. You can further use its exclusive non-rooted features that empower you to get access to the target device and upload the information on the online web control panel. It is effective for an online parenting and to keep an eye on the workforce. You can use features, live screen recording, screenshots, and call recorder, keystrokes, social media tracker, email tracker, and internet history. Users can remotely get to know about the activities with remote tracking features that enable you to block the internet, incoming calls, and text messages.

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It is a Phone tracking software that is new in the market, but it has come with a robust piece of technology. You can use it for tracking your kids online, and employers can use it to monitor employees in working hours. You need to have physical access on the target device to complete the setup on the target cellphone because it does not support remote installation. You can use its numerous features for an online parenting and keep a check on employees in working hours. It remains hidden on the phone and enables you to do surveillance on non-rooted phones. Users can use call recorder, capture screenshots, and email monitoring. You can further listen to the surroundings, live camera streaming, and social media tracking. 


It is the world’s most powerful cellphone tracker software these days. It empowers users to use it for tracking kid’s online activities and quite an effective piece of software to track employees. Therefore, you can use it on the target devices and use the features of reading messages, track social media, IM’s, view media, record phone calls, record screen, and internet history. It supports both non-rooted phones and no-jailbreak iOS devices. It has a wide range of features that you can use on the target phone to track mobile devices to the fullest. It also provides mobile viewer app to get access to the results via an online dashboard.


This particular mobile tracker app claims to provide the ultimate way to safeguard teens and your business productivity. You can set it up on the target cellphone device and get access to its control panel to use its features, call logs, social networking logs, stealth camera, live control panel, and GPS location. You can further read SMS text messages, photos, video logs, view emails, and complete device information.  It provides you timely results, and you can get to know what your employees and kids are doing on their digital phones to the fullest.

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It is the no.1 phone tracker software in the business these days. It is widely popular in the parent’s community and has gotten positive feedback. It means it is helpful for parenting to let parents tracking teens in the digital world. You can use screen recording, screenshots, GPS location tracker, remote surveillance, and watch internet history. It offers a Familykit solution that you can use on more than one device of your family to safeguard them online. Its installation process is a little complex, and you have to be tech-savvy for sure.


Today we have done a review on the Top 5 most advanced phone tracker applications on the web that can help you out for digital parenting and to safeguard businesses to the fullest. You can use the top phone tracking apps on your target devices, and you can get desired results with the schedule. We have tested all the brands. 

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