Top 7 Best Video Editing Software you Should try in 2021

Indeed, videos are winning the marketing game. Almost every business is using videos to catch the audience’s eye and move them down the sales funnel. 

The adorable and informative video has the power to inspire the audience to stay on your site and make a click. To get excellent videos, people are taking help from the best-animated video production companies available in the market. 

No matter whether you hire a team or want to shoot video by yourself, you need to be aware of the best video editing software. Choosing the right tool will allow you to make small edits without depending on the video team. 

Well! Choosing the best video editing software is not rocket science. If you do proper research and keep some points in mind while deciding, then you can easily make the best decision. 

To help you out, I did some research and gathered some of the best-handpicked video editing software that you can always consider. Now, without any further discussion, let’s have a look at these in detail.

7 Best Video editing software

Let’s begin…

1- Lightworks

Lightwork is one of the best video editing software which is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac users. Its simple and intuitive interface allows each user to access the site easily. It offers a suite of original stock videos and music clips to help the audience to make edits like a pro. This cutting-edge tool offers various sophisticated features like HDR checks, cost-effective price plans, and reporting.

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It supports various video formats that allow users to edit videos from indifferent devices without any trouble. Such as it offers 4K video support for Vimeo and Youtube, but you can avail this feature only if you have a paid version. 

2- Shortcut

Another best video editing software for Windows, Linux, and Mac is Shortcut. This open-source platform offers various features that the users can avail at no cost. Just like Lightworks, it also supports various video formats and features that further help you design a perfect educational video. 

Irrespective of its features, some people find it difficult to use due to its complex interface. Timeline editing and 4K HD resolution are two major features that inspire us to keep on the top list. If you use this software, then you don’t need to spend extra time importing the video into the editor. 


If you are looking for free video editing software, which is an open-source tool, then you can choose Blender. This tool allows you to design and create 3D graphics without any challenge. Moreover, this tool cares about your handy video editing needs. 

By using this tool, you can perform actions like video trimming, joining different video clips, etc. Also, if you wish to perform more complex tasks like video masking, then also you can prefer adding Blender to your checklist. 

4- FlexClip

Flexclip is another software that you can see in the top list of video editing software. Its easy-to-use feature and online functionality allow individuals to create their personal content without spending time and effort. 

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By using this tool, you can convert, crop, compress and update the videos easily for your social networks. Moreover, you can directly record videos with a webcam. So, if you want software with a neat user interface, offers 1000+ stickers, copy and paste styles, changes the speed of video clips, etc.Flexchip can help you achieve your goals. 

5- Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It is one of the best video editing software available for windows. It is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud that allows you to edit the video without affecting your timelines. This software gives you various automated tools offering excellent features like pre-installed effects, handle reference audio, slice streamlined processes, intuitive interaction, etc. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start making the best use of an incredibly comprehensive tool to edit videos like a pro. 

6- OpenShot

Are you an intermediate editor and looking for the best tool that helps you in creating excellent videos? Openshot is for you. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for beginners to access the software without any help. 

This software allows you to trim, scale, scroll, edit audio, preview real-time, frame stepping, then you can also choose Openshot as the option. Moreover, this free tool offers features like various customized title-card templates, drag and drop functionality, unlimited layers for watermarks, powerful keyframe animation, etc., to make your task much easier. 

7- HitFilm Express

If you are a beginner in the field of video editing and looking forward to a tool that will make you feel a little advanced at first, then Hitfilm express can be your choice. This all-in-one video editing software is available for Windows, allowing you to create and edit audio and video transitions without investing any huge time. 

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Its amazing features like adaptive trimmer, auto stabilizer, audio mixer, animate two different shots together, unlimited audio and video timeline tracking, etc., keep this tool in the top list. 

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The Last Say 

There you have the list of best and commonly chosen video editing software. Indeed the list of tools is quite big, but hopefully, the above hand-picked checklist will guide you to make the right decision. 

Before you land on the decision, Make sure you are familiar with what you want. 

So, get ready and start editing your videos now! Don’t miss to share your experience with us in the comments below. 

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