Top Assignment Planning Apps for Students

In this guide, we will address a few of the best assignment planning applications for students. All the applications listed below are top-rated, free, or on the affordable end of the spectrum, and in a few instances, exclusively dedicated to studies and school. Typically, the assignment planning application that you must use should have a user-friendly and clean interface. More so, it must be easier for you to integrate it with different features under a single head seamlessly. In this list, we will address some calendar and to-do apps, which can prove to be exceptionally viable for the lecturers, teachers, and, of course, the students to make the study life effortless and strike a balance between your school life and personal time. 

Now, let us get started and address a few such apps one by one. 


If you need one of the most straightforward to-do list applications to help you prepare, manage, and collaborate, this can be the one for you. It is a seamless and instrumental task manager, which comes with a clean and simple interface. You can use this application for home, work, and play. Typically, it is a standard purview that the users who have utilized this app were better able to set goals, create lists, organize tasks, share lists, save notes, and do so much more.

So, be it sharing a shopping list with your friend or planning a foreign trip, or keeping a tab on your daily assignments around the day, Wunderlist will be the app for you. In addition, this app finds great use for the students and can help them organize and plan better. 

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What can you do? So, as soon as you get your assignments, list them on the app with the deadline. See, and plan your different assignments to assess which ones to do first. If, by any chance, you are so deeply occupied with absolutely no time to tackle a particular assignment, or if there is a challenging assignment like SQL, you can consider outsourcing them. There are SQL experts at ThanksForTheHelp to help you with the same. 

The app has an array of other features, too. For example, you can use the app to remind you of your deadlines and plan sub-tasks or recurring tasks. In addition, you can also share notes and alerts with your classmates. It is a diverse and hugely helpful application, which ensures that no detail is negated. Though the application is free to use, you will have to bear a price if you need advanced features. The app is available for desktop, iOS, and Android. 


The next assignment planning application on our list is the Trello application. It is a useful application and can help you boost your productivity. You can use the app to organize your projects seamlessly. For a detailed organization, there is a feature of boards in the app. The boards can be tailored by you or other people in the team. Hence, when you work on group projects, these boards can be incredibly useful. In addition, you can list down specific tasks, which are to be done by others. Further, the app also has a feature to help you create lists, where you can list down all the tasks that you can do by yourself. If an assignment cannot be accommodated in the limited time you have, platforms such as TopAssignmentExperts and EduWorldUSA will prove useful. 

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Further, for proper delegation and ensuring that things are happening in their time, the app has a feature to list your ongoing tasks and the tasks that you have completed. Overall, it is one of the best project management applications. It makes collaboration feel seamless and easy. The application is free and is available for iOS, desktop, and Android users. You can also use Trello on your Apple watch. 


The next one of the best to-do lists and project planning apps on our list is the Todoist. It is a free application, and if you need further updates, you will have to bear a price. The application is available for desktop, iOS, and Android users. The likes of Disney and Amazon also use this application. One of the notable things about this application is that Todoist will be helpful for everyone from executives to students. So, starting from school to behind, this app can be helpful for you. In school and college, you can use it to manage your assignments; in your professional space, you can check the project status with this app. If you are taking some online courses, say for SQL and Python, along with your office work, and need to see how and when you can accommodate them, along with your other priorities, then, too, this app can prove useful. Thus, it is easier to say that this app can be your best pick for school and beyond. 

A few notable features associated with the Todoist application include deadlines for individual assignments. In addition, you will receive alerts on your email and phone. One of the best things about this application is that every feature on the application can be tailored to suit your preferences. Thus, it will limit the alerts you get. Lastly, you can also label the tasks in the application by context, priority, or any other system, as desired. The tasks can also be indicated as recurring to ensure you do not miss any submissions. 

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Google Calendar

The last application on our list is the Google Calendar. It is a free application, which is found in-built on Android devices. You can conveniently sync your schedule and tasks directly via your Google account. The app also allows easy sync with different other business and calendar applications, such as Trello. A noteworthy thing about this app is that it is full of features, but one thing that makes it stand out is that you can make your schedules and events color-coded. This makes it easy for you to recognize them. 

CNET’s Sarah Mitroff states that in Google Calendar, the presence of graphics adds personality to the otherwise dull application. 

Further, Google Calendar has a weekly, monthly, and daily mode. Lastly, you can even redirect the event’s location with the Google app. Overall, it is one of the best assignment planning and productivity apps, which will be helpful for the students. 

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