Top Prank Apps You Need to Download

Simply put, the time for pulling off great pranks is now!

If you’re running out of prank ideas and placing whoopee cushions beneath people’s seats just aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to download your very first prank app.

With technological advancements to smartphones being a continuous process, prank app developers everywhere have been coming up with new and more creative ways to trick your buddies. 

Below are our top picks for the best prank apps around, saving you the trouble of downloading and uninstalling the awful ones. (Trust me, there are plenty)


If your prank calling is in dire need of improvement or you can’t make a decent prank call to save your life, then OwnagePranks is a must-download. Like their top-rated youtube channel that routinely shows the best prank calls online, their app certainly doesn’t disappoint and will provide you with the same prank calling fun.

So how does it work? The app has an enormous collection of pre-recorded calls (well over 100), letting you pick the most relevant ones suited to the person you intend to prank. For example, if your buddy just moved into the area, use the ‘Give me your WiFi password’ script where a scammer pretends to be a neighbour and asks for their WiFi password.

During calls, you can listen in as pre-recordings are automated to play once they pick up, imitating a human to fool friends convincingly. Calls are also recorded so you can listen again afterwards, and if your friend’s reaction happens to be immensely satisfying then submit your best ones to the ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ on the OwnagePranks website. 

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  • A diverse list of prerecorded calls on offer for prank calls
  • Get one free credit for a prank call per day
  • Stay anonymous as your Caller ID isn’t used

Bee Swatter Prank Game

At first glance, you may not think much of this app, just another platformer for the android coexisting with a long list of more popular platformer games. But as the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. 

Although this deceiving app initially appears to be a game, it is, in fact, a prank app and explicitly designed to trick others into thinking they’ve broken the phone.

So how does it work?

Once you launch the app, your friend will need to play the game by finishing consecutive levels, intensely swatting bee swarms with their finger. As each level increases in difficulty, so will the intensity of the finger bee swatting.  

Ok, so far, so good. 

Now, the real fun starts on the final level. During your friend’s finger swatting frenzy when fighting the queen bee, the phone will suddenly make a loud shattering sound and will become unresponsive. 

Your friend will immediately think the phone is broken, making for some memorable panicky reactions. 


  • Prank App disguised as a game
  • Phone will become unresponsive on the final level and make a shattering noise 

Fart Cushion

Although I implied in my first sentence that the whoopee cushion prank is outdated, this is an excellent example of how a prank app can take the classics and enhance them with additional cool features.   

A lot like the whoopee cushion, the fart cushion app requires your phone to be placed underneath a person’s seat. 

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So what’s different exactly? 

This app offers multiple options to trigger a fart such as touch (the obvious one), GPS, Timer and even has an Accelerometer, making the prank that much more dynamic. Furthermore, you can also choose from a variety of farting noises which are all rendered and optimized for your phone speaker. 


  • Whoopee cushion with additional cool features
  • Choose fart triggers with Touch, GPS, Timer and Accelerometer
  • Variety of farting noises available 

Mr Caller Free

Mr Caller is a prank calling app, except you will be the one organizing and receiving the calls. This fake incoming call simulator lets users create great, well-thought-out pranks and is particularly useful at escaping tedious situations where you want out.

Subtly trick and impress your classmates by accepting a fake call from your new popular love interest from the other class. Or if you’re stuck in a work meeting and desperately want a beer with your buds, organize a call and pretend you have an emergency. 

Mr Caller Free is a versatile prank app because it is entirely up to you on what that prank will be, all that’s needed is a little creativity. 

Other than its primary function, the app also offers fun customization features, letting you send SMS when phone calls are out of the question. Another useful feature lets users choose the name and contact number for your fake caller.


  • Organize a fake incoming call
  • Lets you choose the name and number of fake caller
  • Great for pranking others nearby who are listening in

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