Use of software makes for better moth pest control

Traditionally speaking we think that moth pest control is little more than a technician blasting pesticides all-around you’re home. But it could not be further from the truth. Because of changes in regulation, trends, and methods, the pest control industry had to evolve dramatically to keep with our time and ahead of completion.

The advent of Pest Control Industry-specific CRM

Any company would know of the need to communicate with our clients efficiently and pass on the critical information between colleagues. There are many ways to do so such as using a post-it, using an online calendar, messaging services, and emails.

The issue with the above is traceability and the increased possibility of losing a bit of information without realizing it. So it brings us back to the advent of an integrated system that would bring under the same roof all the various systems used by a company.

We had very powerful systems already available such as Podio, VTiger, and Zoho but there were mostly designed for the corporate world and would require a lot of doing to adapt to the industry. Then we started to see trade-related systems that would be used to manage maintenance teams such as fix-flo that are used by most of our estate agent’s clients.

But it is only recently that we saw the appearance of pest control specific software such as Gorilla Desk, Pest Boss, and Pest Pac. I feel that what is on offer is bound to be improved as time goes. As I went through all the demonstrations, they all share similar features. But the critical drawback where conditional customization and integration with mainstream software such as Quickbooks for one.

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Most of the big software companies are still from the U.S., and nobody can blame them for designing their products around their direct customer base. But for pest control London companies, having a library of federal forms is not exactly helpful, nor is integrations with methods of payments only widely used in America.

The temperature monitoring software for heat treatment

One of the big changes that occurred for the pest control London scene was coming from the U.S. once again and reached the UK possibly about 10 years ago. Since New York was suffering from a bed bug epidemic resistant to most common pesticides, the innovation of the heat treatment technology made its entry.

I cannot comment on what it was originally, but the heat treatment gear that we use for our heat treatments comes with an array of probes that feeds directly the information into a software that gathers it all up and allows the technician to monitor as and when the critical temperature of 56 degree Celsius as been reached. We now principally used it for moth pest control.

It may seem a very little advance, but when you think of it allows not only to ensure that the treatment is as efficient as it can be but more importantly allow for great savings in time and resources. Furthermore, the technician does not have to expose himself to harsh conditions. The technician can monitor the progress of heat treatment from the comfort of the hallway.

How to get rid of moths made easier by technology and the use of advanced monitoring. I can only predict that the software companies, as they achieve maturity in their own market, will then branch out the attention to their next available market. In London, we have always been lucky to be the next in line. I still recall the time when Quickbook would not have a plug-in for Barclays Bank. Now Quick book is possibly the most widely used software in the UK. So the same trend should encourage large software companies to cater to the London pest control industry as well.

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