6 Must-Have Items for Your Driving Safety Kit

Suppose you want to stay safe during the winter while driving. In that case, it is essential to have the necessary items in your vehicle to protect you from turning a roadside emergency into a disaster. Here are a few items that you should consider next time you are looking to build a car-care kit for emergencies.

Portable Shovel and Kitty Litter
Portable, folding shovels resemble the small shovels the army uses to dig fox holes. In this case, they are used to dig your car out when it gets stuck. You can use the kitty litter to help give your tires grip wherever you may be stuck. It typically works best on snow and ice but can also be helpful to dry mud and create the friction needed to get out of a tight spot.

Blankets and First Aid Kit
During a breakdown, it could take an hour or two to find help. In a snowstorm, an extra blanket can mean the difference between staying warm and getting frostbite. For this reason, the extra space a blanket or two takes up in the trunk is well worth it. Having a standard first aid kit will ensure that you have the necessary materials to perform first aid, even during a n emergency.

Portable Jump-starting Kit
There never seems to be anyone around when you need a jump start. But now, there is an alternative with a portable jump start kit. It uses powerful lithium-ion batteries to provide enough cranking power for your engine. Some are so powerful that they can provide up to 30 starts with only one charge!

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Durable Crank-Flashlight
A durable flashlight is essential to have in any vehicle, no matter what the weather conditions. But what if its batteries run out when you need it? Most smartphones have a flashlight feature built-in, but here again, you have the same problem. What if the battery is too low to use it? Crank lights also have batteries. The difference here is that when they run out or get low, you can crank a handle, and it will produce its own electricity. On most models, one minute of cranking will produce three minutes of light.

Tire Chains or Tire Socks
If you are going to drive in the snow, especially uphill, snow chains are a must. They can be a bit cumbersome and difficult to carry. And even more challenging to install. That’s where tire socks come in. Weighing less than a few pounds each, they fit around the tire conveniently. The downside is, they are not quite as durable and effective as chains. Still, for short trips around a slick and icy town, they may be a lifesaver.

All of these items might seem like a no-brainer but actually putting in the effort to acquire these items can be a little much for some people. Make sure you are driving with the best possible chances of safety with quality parts, like this XForce exhaust, on your vehicle and a proper mindset. You will be sure to thank yourself later for the forethought. 

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