7 Excellent Roof Racks For Hauling Gear

Gone are those days when you need to flock too many people and your gears inside the car altogether. You can use the car’s open-top to haul everything, including your adventure gears. 

Whether you have an SUV, sedan, truck, or van, there’s a unique roof rack for every vehicle. The buying guide here names seven excellent roof racks for hauling gear. 

Drive through them and pick one for your best! 

1. Yakima JetStream Roof Rack

Packed in a set of two crossbars and four end caps – the roof rack is lightweight, durable, and made from aluminium. It features an aerodynamic JetFlow™ teardrop shape passed in an assured wind tunnel test. The roof rack has an effortless mount attachment and adequate airflow. Available in various sizes and colours, the Yakima JetStream roof rack is a sure purchase for those who love sleek and stylish products. You can know about the perfect crossbar fit for your vehicle and its towering details from its website. Overall, a super compatible roof rack ideal for its sturdiness, lightness, and design! 

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2. Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Roof Rack

Nothing but the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform is the most suitable match for an all-purpose roof rack. The sturdiness of the roof rack is responsible for its reliability and vice versa. The powder-coated finishing touch of the roof rack makes it corrosion free, prevents it from rusting, and deprives it of fading. With its customizable accessories, you can make it to whatever you want. It will obey you and carry all your lightweights and heavyweights without a sigh. Unlike the traditional roof racks, the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform tray catches the eye of every onlooker with its minimalistic design. 

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3. Front Runner Outfitters Roof Rack

You shouldn’t think except Front Runner for your dearest ford ranger roof rack. Now has the trend changed so far from sedan to SUVs, the Front Runner’s Roof Rack must be unbeatable for outdoor adventures. The utmost precision in styling and engineering of the Slimline II roof rack says it all. Unmatched for on-road adventures and off-road sophistication, the roof rack is a modular product with durability, strength, versatility, and functionality. This low-profile roof rack is the definition of an easy-to-assemble piece, a T-slot mounting system with no side rails needed. 

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4. Yakima Cross Bars Roof Rack Set

Whether you are choosing a roof rack for your trucks, cars, or vans, Yakima is a reputed name that provides quite an impeccable range of roof racks. The crossbar roof rack set from Yakima can turn your sedan into a super vehicle by adding extra weight lifting capacity. The whispers display two colours – black and silver in four different sizes. The attractive feature of this roof rack system is it gets mounted easily over a car with its simple lock method.

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5. Thule Canyon XT Roof Rack Cargo Basket

The roof racks developed by Thule are praiseworthy for a reason. Not only are they robust, but also chic and competent. Out of all the brilliant roof rack systems, Thule’s Canyon XT seals the deal. This stunning roof rack basket can haul all types and sizes of gears. The tapered sidewalls of the basket provide ease in loading and unloading cargo. The built-in wind fairing supplies a smooth breeze to the essentials. Also, one can add the Thule Canyon Extension XT to add an extra 20 inches worth of room. 

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6. Aluminess Roof Rack

Capable of carrying anything you strike on it, the Aluminess roof rack is your best friend outdoors. From cargo to any goods to heavyweights, this roof rack can stand it all. Plus, the exceptional side ladder makes it accessible to climb up the roof for loading and unloading the gears. The roof rack is so spectacular that it can accommodate solar panels, air conditioning units, and television sets. You can even throw a roof rack party on Aluminess Mercedes Sprinter Roof Rack!

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7. CargoLoc Cross Bar Roof Rack Aluminium Set

The easy-to-install system of this roof rack needs raised side rails that are mostly present on SUVs. You merely need to attach these roof rack bars to the side rails, lock them, and stack up against your weight onto it. You need to follow the same straightforward process while taking off these racks after using them. You can fix these well-built bars within ten minutes with a little know-how about the rack clamps. 

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Before You Buy

Double-check the price of your favourite roof rack. Read customer reviews, verify user ratings, visit the company’s product page, and watch tutorials of the roof rack installation process. Make sure you compare several roof racks and finalize one that facilitates hauling your type of essential gears. Ensure that the roof rack you decide to buy bags all the necessary accessories required for its installation. 

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