Top 7 Factors That Affect Tyres Performance

Tyre manufacturing technology is evolving rapidly. Therefore, tyre manufacturers are able to produce tyres with different features. These features are added to the tyres to satisfy the requirements of the customers.

The customers often think of safety and performance while they are about to buy Tyres and therefore, tyre makers also design the tyres in accordance with safety guidelines and performance factors.

You are totally wrong if you think a tyre is just a round structure that helps the car to move on the road.

Actually, while you drive your car, a lot of factors work together to move the vehicle efficiently.

Therefore, you can hope to have a smooth and safe drive only if all the performance and safety factors are functioning ideally.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the main performance factors that are important to determine the lifespan, health and performance of your tyres.

Let us start!

7 Factors That Affect Tyres Performance

Road conditions

This is the prime factor that affects the performance of your tyres. It is simple to understand that if you drive your car on a smooth highway, the tyres are going to run in favourable road conditions and if you run your vehicle on broken up or unmade roads, your tyres have to function against increased friction, along with different objects like pebbles or nails.

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Tyre air pressure

Tyres are filled with air and your tyre makers expect that you will keep the level of air pressure in your tyres at the recommended level. If the level of air pressure is below the specified level, it results in under-inflated tyres. On the other hand, if the air pressure is above the proper inflation level, it is called over inflation.

Both under inflation and over inflation are responsible to reduce the total lifespan of your tyres.

If you do not check the level of air pressure, you may face serious outcomes like violent blowouts or uneven tread wear.

Driving habits

If you wish to have a long life for your tyres, you can do it with the help of proper driving habits. The factors like roads, heat, and weather are not under your control but the driving habit is a factor that you can easily improve if you like.

Some of the bad driving habits include:

·       Hitting potholes or hard objects like stones

·       Harsh braking

·       Driving at high speeds

·       Sharp cornering

·       Avoiding inadequate inflation level in the tyres


If you run your vehicle at high speeds, your tyres can overheat due to increased friction.

As a result, your tyres may wear quickly.

Wheel alignment

Perfect wheel alignment is essential for proper control over the vehicle and even tyre wearing.

You have to check your wheel alignment regularly. Your expert is going to check the alignment and correct it in case of any sign of inappropriateness.

Wheel balancing

Like wheel alignment, wheel balancing is another important factor to ensure the good condition of the tyres.

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When you buy your car, the wheels are in perfect balance but due to certain factors like road conditions, wheel balancing gets disturbed and you have to correct it with the help of an expert.

Wheel balancing is done by the professional experts with the help of a balancing machine. Appropriate weights are added as per the requirements to ensure a smooth driving experience.


The weather can be rainy, humid, hot, or cold while you are driving your car. You have to note that weather outside also plays a vital role in the performance of your tyres.

Therefore, the manufacturers offer season-based tyres like winter tyres, all-season tyres and summer tyres.

How to maintain your tyres properly?

It is easy to understand that if you maintain your tyre properly, you can increase the total life of the tyres. 

By looking at the factors, you have to follow some golden maintenance rules like:

·       Check the tyre inflation level regularly

·       Improve your driving habits

·       Avoid driving when weather conditions are not favourable

·       Change the position of your tyres to maintain even tread wear

·       Check the alignment and balance of your wheels at regular intervals

If you follow these rules, you need not change your car tyres unnecessarily.

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