Is WD 40 Safe to Use on Car Paint – WD 40 Uses on Cars

Everyone likes shiny and good looking cars, no one likes to sit in a car that is rough in looks interior and exterior wise. You must have heard the name of a solution known as WD40, most of you might not be familiar with the WD40. This is the specially formulated solution made for removing moisture, grime, and other harmful particles off metallic objects. Basically, the WD stands for water displacement, made with an aim to protect the metal objects from corrosion and rust. Most of us have some misconceptions and queries in our minds like Is WD 40 safe to use on car paint or not? Will WD40 hurt car paint? Let’s go in deep to find out the answers to all these questions.  

Is WD 40 Safe for Car Paint?

Yes, you can spray on the WD40 formula on your car paint finishing without facing any paint damage issues. This spray can be used on almost all kinds of metal surfaces but made particularly for protection car paint surfaces. All you have to do is to spray on the WD40 on your car surface and wipe off after some time, that’s it. In short, WD 40 can be sprayed on almost every surface of the vehicle and doesn’t harm the vehicle paint. 

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Why Use a WD40 on Car Paintwork?

WD 40 is an oil based formula that displaces the moisture and grease off the metal surface. Using this WD 40 on your car paint will provide protection to the paint against mud, dust, grime, and grease. It would be not wrong to consider WD40 as the special degreaser agent for vehicles. 

Does WD 40 Remove Scratches from Car?

Yes, this is another reason why every car detailer and owner prefers to use WD 40 on cars. This formula has been designed in a way that its oil can fill all minor scratches and imperfections on the auto paintwork. Not only remove scratches, but it also eliminates grime, grease, and other harmful materials off the car. The inclusion of hydrocarbons and other special ingredients in WD40 helps in ripping off all little scuff marks and paint defects. In case you want to remove small scratches off your car, you must try WD40.

Benefits of Using WD 40

WD 40 is one of the popular degreaser agents in the automotive industry that mechanics and car owners use according to their requirements. This solution has been made using ingredients like kerosene, aliphatic hydrocarbons, petroleum base oil, etc for giving that excellent protection to the vehicle paint furnishing and other surfaces. We’ve got some interesting uses of WD 40 for you to know the protection and cleaning abilities of this formula. 

1- Spark Plugs Cleaning

You must’ve experienced your car engine misfiring, the reason is those uncleaned and dirty spark plugs. WD 40 is the solution to remove all of the oily dust and dirt from the plugs to bring your engine smooth start.

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2- Removes Grime and Grease

The mixture of grease and dirt make your car looks way dirty, WD 40 is the only solution to remove this kind of dirt off the paint surface. Spraying on WD 40 on any specific car area will eliminate all kinds of dust and grease particles efficiently without damaging the paint surface.

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3- Eliminates Oil

As we’ve discussed above that WD 40 is like a degreaser agent that helps in removing moisture off any metal surfaces. Dirty oily and grease can be stuck in car exhaust pipes, engine parts, and many other areas, spraying on WD on such areas will clean the surface.

4- Keeps Insects Away

Dirty and dusty cars usually become the center of attraction for all bugs and insects. They would stay in your under your car seats, foot mat corners, and all unreachable dark areas. Also, you must’ve experienced bugs hitting or sticking on your windshield so how to clean bugs off car with WD40 ? Just spray on the WD 40 in your doors, windshield, under seats, and all those areas where there could be a chance of bugs or insects’ existence. 

5- Wheels and Tires Protection

Not only car paintwork, but WD 40 might be helpful in cleaning your car tires and wheel cups. Just spray the WD 40 on your tires and rims to provide a clean and elegant look.

6- Auto Parts Lubrication

WD 40 acts as a lubricating agent in order to clean all kinds of vehicle parts to give them a smooth and fine movement. You can use WD40 to clean car hood hinges, gas tank lid, vehicle door hinges, latches, and many other car parts to keep them protected from any rust or corrosion.

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7- Protect Against Rust

The car has lots of nuts, bolts, and small parts that are metallic, these parts can get rust easily that results in the overall car performance. Following this issue, you can spray on WD40 on all nuts, and metallic car parts to prevent them from getting rusty.

8- Protects Rubber 

Extreme weather especially summer might affect weather stripping, windshield wipers, gaskets, and other rubber areas of the car. You can use WD 40 to keep them protected and safe from getting badly affected by the weather. 

Besides these 8 benefits, there are many other advantages of WD40 you can avail in order to keep your car protected. By the way, WD 40 is not only for cars, but you can also spray this solution on surfaces where it is applicable. 


As an overall summary, we can say that WD 40 is such a powerful formula spray that can protect almost all kinds of metal finishings. This solution can eliminate dust, mud, dirt, grime, grease, and almost all kinds of harmful elements off the specific surface. We came to know that you can clean all little car parts like spark plugs, engine bolts, nuts, etc by spraying on WD 40. We also got to know that WD 40 doesn’t harm car paint and can help in removing all minor car scratches. In the end, WD 40 is the spray everyone must use to keep the car protected and clean.

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