Is WD 40 Safe to Use on Car Paint – WD 40 Uses on Cars (Updated 2022)

Everyone likes shiny and good looking cars, no one likes to sit in a car that is rough in looks interior and exterior wise. You must have heard the name of a solution known as wd40 on car paint, most of you might not be familiar with the WD40. This is the specially formulated solution made for removing moisture, grime, and other harmful particles from metallic objects. Basically, the WD stands for water displacement, made with an aim to protect the metal objects from corrosion and rust. Most of us have some misconceptions and queries in our minds like Is WD 40 safe to use on car paint or not? Will WD40 hurt car paint? Let’s go in deep to find out the answers to all these questions. 

What is WD-40?

WD-40, a penetrating fluid lubricating oil that was developed in the 1950s, is a good option for those who are in a coma. It is the most popular solution to loosen stuck items or provide lubrication to things that need grease.

WD-40 is found in over 60% of American households. It’s not hard to see why WD-40 is so popular. It’s used to remove metallic parts that are corroded or stuck with excessive oxidation (or even rust) in the home.

Many mechanics and machinists use it to lubricate their tools as they cut metal. Special ingredients are used to dispel the heat and make cuts that are cleaner and have fewer jagged edges which make wd40 on car paint essential these days.

What’s WD-40 Made Of?

The secret recipe for WD-40 Multi-Use Product is kept closed. The secret formula is kept in the San Diego bank vault.

Car detailers face a problem because they can cause damage to paint and metals. !

The wrong chemicals and substances can cause serious damage. It is important to be aware of what chemicals and substances we are using.

Some dedicated detectives have recently performed an analysis of the secret formula in their lab. We now know what is in this little blue tin.

One thing we don’t know is the exact proportions of each ingredient. This information is still proprietary and the wd40 car paint company has kept it under wraps. We have provided the most accurate estimates.

Mineral oil around 35%

Yes, that’s good old mineral oil! It’s the same stuff that you find in baby oil, cosmetics, and face creams. This isn’t the high-tech, top-secret ingredient we expected!

Carbon dioxide around 2-3%

The propellant forces the liquid from the can. Carbon dioxide is safer than other alternatives like propane or butane.

Isoparaffinic, aliphatic hydrocarbons – around 35%

It is very similar to kerosene. It is classified as Category 1 Aspiration Toxicity. It is highly toxic if inhaled.

Flammable aliphatic Hydrocarbons around 25%

These hydrocarbons also fall under the Aspiration Toxicity category 1. They are also toxic to the nervous system and organs.

They’re also flammable. It’s all very disgusting!


These hydrocarbons also contain alkanes. Although they are not chemically reactive, they can still be very flammable.

There are five alkanes total in the formula. Each one performs a different function. Nonane, for example, is what gives WD-40 its powerful water-repelling abilities. Decane, on the other hand, does not freeze below -21 F and keeps the mixture liquid at all temperatures.

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Is WD 40 Safe on Car Paint?

Yes, you can spray the WD40 formula on your car paint finishing without facing any paint damage issues. This spray can be used on almost all kinds of metal surfaces but is made particularly to protect car paint surfaces. All you have to do is to spray the WD40 on the car paintwork surface and wipe it off after some time, that’s it. In short, WD 40 can be sprayed on almost every surface of the vehicle and doesn’t harm the vehicle paint. Further info in this article will clear your thoughts about is WD 40 Safe on Car Paint?

Why would you want to use WD-40 on Car Paint?

We’ll now get into the details of this article, including why it’s used for car paint and whether it’s a good idea. Let’s begin with the why. WD-40 has a similar formula to many other car polishes. It contains hydrocarbons and oils that allow the formulation to penetrate small areas. It can also be used to reduce the risk of oxidation.

This is the main reason to use it on your car’s paint: to fill in deep scratches. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can fix the scratch. This is a quick and easy way to put a band-aid over the scratch to prevent water from getting into the metal. It can also help to prevent the formation of rust.

Car owners are inventive cats and WD-40 has been used for many other purposes over the years.

As a Color Enhancer

Some car owners use WD-40 as a wax, which enhances the paint’s lustre. The paraffin in the solution creates a shiny hue when it is sprayed on top of the paint with a clear coating. This can be replicated by applying WD-40 to the wax.

Enhance Hydrophobic Properties

It is also used in shade-tree treatments to improve the hydrophobic properties of non-protected surfaces. Spraying it on the surface of a car will reduce the possibility of insects, bird droppings and tar sticking to the paint. You can also use water to clean it.

Removing oil & bugs

WD-40 is a great way to get rid of sticky bugs and other debris. Most stuck-on debris can be removed by spraying it, letting it sit for a while, then wiping it off.

If you have a leaky valve cover or seal under your hood, WD-40 can quickly remove it. WD-40, a degreaser is ideal for removing any water-insoluble substances such as grease.

Increase the life span of gaskets and wipers

Door trim gaskets and windshield washers are subject to frequent exposure to the elements, such as UV rays and oxygen. This is what causes them to wear out. The gasket material will eventually dry out, crack and then fail as they age. To protect these items from the elements, some people spray WD-40 on a cloth and then wipe it onto the rubber material.

Great for Spark Plug Maintenance

If you are a DIYer and do your own maintenance, you will have used WD-40 to clean spark plugs. Poor spark performance can be caused by condensation buildup as plugs age. A quick spray with WD can resolve condensation problems in older engines with weak internal seals.

The Universal Cleaning Tool

WD-40 can easily be used to remove rust from your license plate frame, corrosion from steering and suspension parts, and caked-on debris under the hood. This product is used by many car owners for vehicle maintenance.

Will WD-40 Cause Damage to Car Paint? Will wd40 Hurt Car Paint?

We don’t care how helpful WD-40 may be. If it damages the paintwork, we won’t go near it! Now Will wd40 Hurt Car Paint? Let’s find out.

There is much different information available, but we have compiled all the essential facts about WD-40 and your vehicle’s paint surface.

Is wd40 bad for car paint? WD-40 may cause damage to paintwork. For example, the isoparaffinic-aliphatic hydrocarbons are very similar to Kerosene. Kerosene could cause damage to your clear coat so some people claim that WD-40 will do the same.

The ingredients can be used together, but not individually. WD-40 can be mixed in precise amounts and is safe for your paint.

You read it right. It’s safe!

It won’t discolour your car’s clear coat, but that doesn’t make it a bad idea to use it on paintwork.

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We’ve already spoken about the unpleasant smell and greasy appearance of WD-40. The worst thing about WD-40 is its magnetism. While it may temporarily mask the scratches and remove the bugs guts, the entire area will soon become filthy.

Waxes and sealants can be less durable than your clear coat. These layers can be damaged or discoloured by solvents. Anyone who is concerned about their ride’s appearance and longevity will need a wax or sealant. If this sounds like you, don’t use WD-40 on any waxed surface.

Why Use a WD40 on Car Paint?

WD 40 is an oil-based formula that displaces the moisture and grease off the metal surface. Using this WD 40 on your car paint will provide protection to the paint against mud, dust, grime, and grease. It would be not wrong to consider WD40 as the special degreaser agent for vehicles. 

WD40 and Car Scratches – Does WD 40 Remove Scratches from Car?

Yes, this is another reason why every car detailer and owner prefers to use wd40 on car scratches. WD40 and Car Scratches are complementary in nature. Where there is car paintwork there will be WD 40. This formula has been designed in a way that its oil can fill all minor scratches and imperfections on the auto paintwork. Not only remove scratches, but it also eliminates grime, grease, and other harmful materials off the car. The inclusion of hydrocarbons and other special ingredients in WD40 helps in ripping off all little scuff marks and paint defects. In case you want to remove small scratches from your car, you must try WD40.

Protect your car’s paint with WD-40

WD-40 can only be safely used if it is applied before complete decontamination. You don’t have to worry about damaging any wax or sealant layers that decontamination does. The wash will also remove any WD-40-based chemicals. Check out our Deconwash Pack, which has been rated 5 stars. This is a valuable item in our car-care arsenal.

Although contaminants are one of the greatest threats to our ride’s health, many don’t know they exist. People mistakenly believe that slow degradation of their ride’s exterior is inevitable. It’s possible to prevent it.

Solvents don’t only contain corrosive or staining substances. These substances can cause havoc, even if the ride appears clean.

Regular decontamination washing and possibly even clay treatment will keep your car showroom fresh for longer than you thought!

Benefits of Using WD 40 | WD40 Uses on Cars

There are multiple wd40 uses on cars. WD 40 is one of the popular degreaser agents in the automotive industry that mechanics and car owners use according to their requirements. This solution has been made using ingredients like kerosene, aliphatic hydrocarbons, petroleum base oil, etc for giving excellent protection to the vehicle paint furnishing and other surfaces. We’ve got some interesting uses of WD 40 for you to know the protection and cleaning abilities of this formula. 

1- Spark Plugs Cleaning

You must’ve experienced your car engine misfiring, the reason is those uncleaned and dirty spark plugs. WD 40 is the solution to remove all of the oily dust and dirt from the plugs to bring your engine a smooth start.

2- Removes Grime and Grease

The mixture of grease and dirt make your car looks way dirty, WD 40 is the only solution to remove this kind of dirt off the paint surface. Spraying on WD 40 on any specific car area will eliminate all kinds of dust and grease particles efficiently without damaging the paint surface.

In case you are looking for a high gloss shine and protection for your car, you have to go through the best car wash soaps guide 2020 to choose the best car wash soap for your car. 

3- Eliminates Oil

As we’ve discussed above that WD 40 is like a degreaser agent that helps in removing moisture off any metal surfaces. Dirty oily and grease can be stuck in car exhaust pipes, engine parts, and many other areas, spraying on WD on such areas will clean the surface.

4- Keeps Insects Away

Dirty and dusty cars usually become the centre of attraction for all bugs and insects. They would stay in under your car seats, foot mat corners, and all unreachable dark areas. Also, you must’ve experienced bugs hitting or sticking on your windshield so how to clean bugs off the car with WD40? Just spray on the WD 40 in your doors, windshield, under seats, and all those areas where there could be a chance of bugs or insects’ existence. 

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5- Wheels and Tires Protection

Not only car paintwork, but WD 40 might be helpful in cleaning your car tires and wheel cups. Just spray the WD 40 on your tires and rims to provide a clean and elegant look.

6- Auto Parts Lubrication

WD 40 acts as a lubricating agent in order to clean all kinds of vehicle parts to give them a smooth and fine movement. You can use WD40 to clean car hood hinges, gas tank lids, vehicle door hinges, latches, and many other car parts to keep them protected from any rust or corrosion.

7- Protect Against Rust

The car has lots of nuts, bolts, and small parts that are metallic, these parts can get rust easily that resulting in the overall car performance. Following this issue, you can spray WD40 on all nuts, and metallic car parts to prevent them from getting rusty.

8- Protects Rubber 

Extreme weather especially summer might affect weather stripping, windshield wipers, gaskets, and other rubber areas of the car. You can use WD 40 to keep them protected and safe from getting badly affected by the weather. 

Besides these 8 benefits, there are many other advantages of WD40 you can avail in order to keep your car protected. By the way, WD 40 is not only for cars, but you can also spray this solution on surfaces where it is applicable. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use WD-40 on Car Paintwork? Is WD40 Bad For Car Paint?

I’m going to preface this article by stating that I was taught to repair broken things rather than put super glue or a band-aid over them. However, WD-40 should only be employed as a penetrating fluid to aid in the removal of damaged, corroded or fused bolts, nuts as well as other types of fasteners.

It is generally believed that using it on bicycle chains, door jams and various other components that are moving is far from acceptable. As a quick and easy solution, that’s exactly what it is. But here’s the downside of WD-40 as well as a major reason why applying it to the paint of your car is not a wise choice.

The oils in WD-40 are well-known for accumulating dust, dirt as well as other harmful substances. This can make the things that you spray with WD-40 sticky and filthy and, in the case of a moving component such as chains or hinges could cause them to become bind-up.

If you paint your car, the scratch may be covered for a week or two. Then the surface will be so filthy that you’ll need to scrub it off. If this happens it will be an almost impossible task.

What soap to use to Clean WD-40 on Car Paint?

If you’re in the unfortunate circumstance of having to clean WD-40 off of your paint, there is only one solution. It is recommended to use an automobile detergent shampoo, that is also known as a wax-stripping shampoo.

The car shampoo for decontamination is a formulation with a high pH that is, in other words, a sturdy base – that functions as a detergent that penetrates the oils found in sealants, waxes and yes, even WD-40.

If you employ the foam gun to apply on the paint surface before it will be placed on the vehicle and move around for a short time. This process helps disintegrate the lubricants within WD-40 and also the caked-on dirt and grime adhere to the surface.


As an overall summary, we can say that WD 40 is such a powerful formula spray that can protect almost all kinds of metal finishings. This solution can eliminate dust, mud, dirt, grime, grease, and almost all kinds of harmful elements off the specific surface. We came to know that you can clean all little car parts like spark plugs, engine bolts, nuts, etc by spraying on WD 40. We also got to know that WD 40 doesn’t harm car paint and can help in removing all minor car scratches. In the end, WD 40 is the spray everyone must use to keep the car protected and clean.

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