Why Is My Ohlins Suspension Making an Unusual Pinging Sound?

If you’ve recently had ohlins suspension aftermarket parts installed in your car, you’re most likely delighted with how they’ve made your car look great and drive even better. However, you may – like some car owners have – experienced a ‘pinging’ sound when turning, travelling at low speeds or driving up or down an incline.

The good news is that this is a known problem and it’s relatively easy to get it sorted and it shouldn’t cost you very much to rectify either. By reading to the end, you’ll understand the simple steps involved in returning your coilovers to their working and silent selves.

Eliminating the Problem of Ohlins Suspension Coil Bind

The aforementioned pinging sound is the result of something known as ‘coil bind’, which essentially happens when the valve spring is in a fully compressed state. In this position, the spring’s coils contact each other, which in turn, prevents the valve from opening further. This can result in damage to the rocker arm, pushrod, rocker arm or more.

This Ohlins suspension issue can be fixed in a couple of ways. Initially, you need to check the top washer and the underneath of your spring (manufacturer depending) to ensure it is clean. Then, you should also be looking to lubricate it with lithium grease or WD-40.

What to Do if This Doesn’t Fix Your Ohlins Suspension

If this minor measure doesn’t stop the pinging noise from happening, then you should probably be checking your spring preload. When your car is standing on a jack or a lift, the spring should fit snugly up to the spring perch and still be moveable either right or left.

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What shouldn’t be possible with your Ohlins suspension is to be able to move the spring along the vertical plane, however, if it is, you need to get the spring perch tightened to the point where it’s snug again. Invariably, spring preload is factory set and should never be adjusted. It’s imperative that you always remember that you shouldn’t change your ride height with the spring perch.

Keeping Your Ohlins Suspension in Tip Top Shape

Well, we hope that reading this blog has shown you that minor issues like coil bind can be resolved quickly, easily and cheaply if you know what you’re doing. That said, if the tips we’ve offered here don’t resolve the issue, we’d seriously recommend that you enlist some professional help to get the problem sorted. You can end up causing damage if you start tinkering with things you don’t fully understand.

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Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with more from tips, hints and advice from the world of aftermarket suspension next time.

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