Bitcoin Miners

The bitcoin miners are responsible for providing security and confirm every transaction of bitcoins. The central role of these miners is to secure the network through which bitcoins are transacted. These transactions are secured by solving problems through computers.

About arctic miners:

Arctic miners are a group of the company famous for its blockchain and mining. They are experienced in their work and working since 2008, after approx. Ten years in 2018, the arctic miner was created; before 2018, it was only holding the arctic. Further, in 2020 official website containing all the details was released, which is arctic

Headquarter and storage departments:

The arctic miners are having their headquarter in Meraker, Norway from where they are serving there 2000+ customers who are completely satisfied with their service. Except then in headquarter, they also have storage departments in china, US, and Germany, so the customers from these areas get good service.

Reasons to choose Arctic miners:

When we look through the services of arctic miners, we can get a lot of different reasons to select them; a few of the best reasons are given below:

  • 2000+ clients are giving positive feedback.
  • Experienced workers are having experience of 6 years in blockchain and four years in mining.
  • They have online stores except for orders throughout the world.
  • Their primary mission is to create an eco-system that will increase its wide range of services in blockchain assets.
  • Over the last six years, arctic miners have developed genuine expertise in the industry of blockchain.
  • Arctic mining is having the most extensive catalog of mining and consulting services.
  • Arctic miners’ main intention is to become global players and world references in the industry of blockchain.
  • They will provide your lifetime support with 24 months warranty on there every product. 
  • These payment methods are easy and secure.
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How to choose the best bitcoin mining hardware?

ASIC hardware is one of the essential things in bitcoin mining. When you select bitcoin mining hardware machines, there are three primary factors to go through first:

1: Price:

  • The price of the bitcoin mining hardware depends upon its efficiency, durability, and computational power.
  • If the bitcoin hardware is cheaper, that means it will provide lower efficiency with lower profitability.
  • Always check the lifespan of hardware before buying it.

2: Efficiency:

  • The primary purpose of bitcoin hardware is to convert the electricity into BTC.
  • If you are facing a problem choosing the right hardware, focus on its efficiency.

3: Hash Rate:

  • Hash rate is defined as the rate of bitcoin hardware to make intensive mathematical operations.
  • If the bitcoin hardware has a higher hash rate, it will be more expensive.

Some of the best bitcoin mining hardware’s:

So with the above primary factors, now here are the best bitcoin mining hardware’s:

1: Bitmain Antminer S5:

  • This hardware can provide excellent value for efficiency and money.
  • It requires low power of only 115 volts and drawled it to 560 watts.
  • As it requires low power, this hardware is the best and provides impressive operational efficiency.
  • This hardware is suitable for both hobby miners and home mining of entry-level operations too.

2: Bitmain Antminer S7:

  • This hardware requires low power consumption.
  • Bitmain Antminer S7 is very sensitive to the environment.
  • It is warmer than 27 degrees Celsius.
  • This hardware is suitable for a more relaxed environment.
  • This hardware is the most efficient and most powerful bitcoin miner.
  • It has the highest hash rate, which is very impressive, and the point it needs a shallow power draw.
  • It is suitable for home applications.
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4: Antminer T9:

3: Bitmain Antminer S9:

  • It is the most potent ASIC units available in the market.
  • It is the most expensive hardware.
  • The notable improvements are present in chip quality, so it enhances the hardware quality.


Bitcoin mining is the process in which transaction is verified through complicated computers, and it cannot be done through human hands. There are bitcoin miners who secure the trade and make confirmation after every single bitcoin is transferred. The arctic miners are responsible for making bitcoin hardware’s which are delivered throughout the world. This company is famous because of their experience and reliability.

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