CLEVER Defi Could Be The Next Big Thing! Guaranteed Interest with Crypto

Are you looking for a solid crypto investment with a 100% guarantee? Then it is time to take a deep look into the exciting world of the CLEVER crypto investment program.

CLEVER DeFi is taking over crypto investment, even in the international market. This article will explain to you more about CLEVER DeFi so please continue reading to get more information.

Explicit Information On What CLEVER Is

CLEVER is a reliable and formidable DeFi protocol that pays automatic interest payments to every wallet address on the Ethereum blockchain that holds any amount of CLVA tokens. This distribution takes place on-chain and it happens like clockwork on a preset arrangement that is scheduled over 888 fortnightly periods utilizing about 34.15 years to make complete cycles. Up to 11% compound interest is being paid fortnightly with sure payment distribution to every wallet having CLVA token in them. Exchange hot wallet and any Ethereum address on the blockchain are all eligible.

Understanding What CLVA Means

Basically, CLVA means CLeVer Asset. In simple terms, CLEVER is a digital way of storing up your wealth. Compared to other regular methods of savings, with bank inclusive, CLEVER pays a high interest rate which outstands most of these investment platforms.

CLEVER Investment Created To Surpass Bitcoin

The CLEVER Token known as CLeVer Asset is established to surpass Bitcoin utilizing an organized, preset structure made to supply a maximum of one trillion CLVA tokens for the whole 34.15 year cycle.

Features Of The CLEVER Token Investment

  • Zero contract, terms, or staking is not needed. CLeVer Asset account holders shall never get into any condition or staking duration of any kind.
  • Accounts can never experience lock-in or limitations. Unlimited freedom is available for users to move and send their CLVA where they wish within their cycles. Clear transparency is adopted on the platform.
  • No penalties or queries of any kind. Account holders are allowed to buy and sell CLVA anytime and anywhere without penalties. The more CLVA the more interest you get.
  • Free market conditions. The CLeVer Asset platform from the initial time of registration is not a greedy platform. There is no hidden transaction or fraudulent activities by the founders. Each user or subscriber is allowed to run the account as wished. This means that in no way can the CLEVER team have the chance to dump the market. Instead, the price and every activity will remain natural as an increase in demand and supply will be on the rise.
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Properties Of The CLEVER Token Investment

  1. Automatic payments plan. Every transaction on the CLEVER investment platform takes place on-chain without the requirement for user intervention.
  1. Every user wallet earns. Registered accounts on the platform earn up to 11% payment, which is paid fortnightly with guaranteed compound interest added to CLVA token users.
  1. CLEVER operates on 888 fortnightly periods. This means every 14 days there are steady minted CLVA awarded to every account.
  1. The security is safe and tight. CLEVER is integrated on a secured platform and an automated cycle plan that is hardcoded into a smart contract.
  1. Verified and audited platform. Blockhunters have been able to verify and audit the CLEVER platform as being authentic and legit.

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