Where to Exchange Matic Fast and Safely?

If you are looking for an opportunity to swap MATIC, it is better to know what kind of a coin it is and what value it has or might have in the future. MATIC is a native coin of the Polygon blockchain and can be applied for paying fees, staking, and also it can be bought and sold on a MATIC exchange. 

Once you have decided to swap your coins, look for a reliable and comfortable cryptocurrency exchange that supports the coin. MATIC is pretty valuable and is supported by a number of exchanges. Therefore, you will not have any issues to find where the coin can be swapped. However, you might need some guidance on how to find the needed exchange platform. We have prepared for you some instructions on how to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange to enjoy the service. 

Select a Registered Platform

Registration with respective authorities is mandatory doesn’t matter whether the MATIC exchange platform is located where you live or on another continent. It is a guarantee that you won’t entrust your funds to a website that was created just to grab some bucks from users and escape with your funds. 

Therefore, check whether the selected company has a registered address. Preferably it shall be somewhere close to your location but it is just a preference, not a mandatory requirement.

Make Sure the Wished Coins Are Supported

Now, it is time to have a look at whether you can swap there your preferred coins. If the platform doesn’t support the crypto you want to exchange you won’t be able to use the service doesn’t matter how good it is. 

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Check Whether the Swap Conditions Are Good for You

Usually, the swap conditions are more or less the same on all platforms. However, fees and commissions charged may make the difference that will impact your choice. Therefore, make sure you are ok with fees. First of all, check the withdrawal fee if any, and then, you will determine whether you are ok with using the platform. 

An Instant or a Traditional Exchange

There are two main types of cryptocurrency exchanges: traditional and instant ones. On a traditional exchange, you get access to fiat money and a custodial wallet where the platform keeps its users’ funds. However, you do not have private keys to your coins, they are kept on the platform. Also, most likely, you will have to register an account and to pass a full-scale verification process.

The main benefits of traditional exchanges are their ease of use and the access to all the options that facilitate the life of a user such as access to wallet services and fiat swaps. A traditional exchange will, most likely, enable you to fund your account with and withdraw your funds to your bank card or bank account. 

When it comes to an instant exchange, you can count on numerous benefits, too. They are, however, different from those offered by traditional exchanges. While on both good traditional and instant exchanges, you can find all the needed information for trading, including predictions, there are things that make these platforms different one from another. So, an instant platform doesn’t require you to pass KYC/AML procedures. You can exchange any sums anonymously. Another benefit is that the platform doesn’t own or store your funds. All your coins are kept in your wallets. And yes, to use an instant exchange, a wallet is needed to both send and receive your cryptocurrency funds. 

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While some instant exchanges offer swaps with fiat, these swaps are offered by third-party partners, and therefore, are a subject to KYC and additional fees.

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