15 reasons why you should use WooCommerce for ecommerce

Not long ago, I saw people struggling to set-up their eCommerce stores. I mean… It was a task… like climbing the alps or El-Capitan. No one knew how online selling worked. Amazon was capturing the market pie single-handedly, and commoners like us were busy figuring out its business model. What else could we have done? Ecommerce was getting expensive and centralized.

Until… WooCommerce… happened!

3.3 million+ eCommerce websites. That’s right! WooCommerce powers over 3.3. million live websites, and most of them have come alive in the last five years.

So when dreams of owning digital stores were getting shattered, WooCommerce gave everyone the much-needed eCommerce boost at a relatively low cost.

You know how WordPress has been kind throughout these years. It has always wanted us to express views and experiences through blogs and websites. But WordPress’s WooCommerce plugin gives us an excellent opportunity to monetize our business. It lets us convert any WordPress blog into a multi-functional eCommerce store.

But why do I appreciate WooCommerce so much? Am I getting paid?

I wish I was paid… sadly, no! I’m not. But I’m in awe with WooCommerce so much that word-of-mouth marketing seems like a peanut. Nevertheless, that won’t stop me from expressing how WooCommerce has changed eCommerce.

Not one… not two… I will give you fifteen reasons to use WooCommerce for eCommerce stores. Sounds fascinating already? Great. Let’s hunt down all the reasons why it will make the best eCommerce partner when migrating to online businesses.

15 reasons to use WooCommerce as your eCommerce store plugin

Reason #1: 1 in 3 store merchants use WooCommerce as their favorite eCommerce platform.

I’m not surprised at all—wooCommerce powers over 30% of the world’s eCommerce stores. There must be some reason why people are putting their trust in it, blindly. Isn’t it? And surely, it’s not a fluke. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s reliability, security, and quick deployment that’s making people go berserk for it.

Reason #2: Want to switch your eCommerce platform? Migration is super-duper easy.

If you belong to the rest of the 70%, don’t worry. WooCommerce services let you migrate your existing stores into it. There’s a belief that migrating eCommerce is as strenuous as opening up a new eCommerce store. Trust me; you need to keep these people at bay. WooCommerce is the face of portability. You can transfer the entire store without worrying about losing data.

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Reason #3: What does it cost? A big oval egg!

Since I have boasted so much about WooCommerce, you might have to dig deeper down into your pockets. Right? Wrong! You can make your eCommerce without spending a penny. It has an open-source community. Get help where and whenever you like, and keep the store thriving with the latest trends. Time to count your money? Sure! More power to you.

Reason #4: WooCommerce doesn’t allow customization, said no one ever. All hail its plugins.

What did you think— WooCommerce is just another eCommerce builder? Nah! Its frugality doesn’t necessarily mean sub-standard services and features. Not one or two— it has over 43,000 plugins that add many dynamic elements to your eCommerce store. Want security? Plugins! Want to put your site under construction? Plugins! Want to optimize your store? Plugins! Think of any eCommerce feature and plugins will let you customize the store.

Reason #5: If selling is an art, WooCommerce is Picasso of it.

What do you want to sell— Groceries? Dolls? Cosmetics? Content? Digital products? There’s nothing in this world you can’t sell with WooCommerce— provided it is legal in the eyes of the authorities. And the less talked about geography, the better. You can target customers sitting anywhere in the globe— except when he’s traveling to the moon.

Reason #6: Aesthetics sell before products.

Aesthetics— the moment visitors enter your website— aesthetics start selling your brand right from the word go. If navigation is good, designs are to the point, and product searchability is easy, you’ll have conversions as expected. Fortunately, WooCommerce enhances the look and feel of your store. And there’s no doubt aesthetically-appealing stores bring early ROIs.

Reason #7: Sell! Sell! Sell! Many-sizes-fit-all sale points.

eCommerce is not a one-size-fits-all business. Some of your customers are wandering on the desktop, and others on mobiles and tablets. So for better sales, you’ve to reach them on all the touchpoints. Nooo! I’m not asking you to get separate websites for each device. WooCommerce gives you the luxury to have responsive websites for multiple devices without going through the hassles of coding.

Reason #8: Get your business bigger with easy scalability.

Let’s be honest— the fact you’re going with the eCommerce store says you give a cent percent damn about growing up. Don’t you? And when traffic grows, and visitors convert, things will get ugly and complicated with your online shop. It’ll get slow. The website will feel dead. Shoppers will be swearing your brand. So you need a platform that lets you scale when the business grows. Whether you’re selling first or the millionth product, WooCommerce allows you to match your expanding business expectations.

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Reason #9: You have the worldly power.

WooCommerce is an A to Z eCommerce solution. With the help of WordPress plugins, you have the complete store ready without relying on any third-party software. And no third-party software means… you don’t have to share important details with them. So you have tremendous control over your business. The love triangle is only between you, your customers, and of course, the WooCommerce. And your customers won’t have to ‘doublethink’ while sharing their information with you.

Reason #10: Developer, designers, marketers, and you— everyone sails on the same Titanic. And yes, this ship isn’t sinking.

Wondering who’ll help you with WooCommerce when you don’t have adequate eCommerce knowledge? Well, the platform has online communities that are stuffed with hundreds of experts. By experts, I mean real experts, the genuine help, who will make your business sail if it hits the iceberg. The WooCommerce community lets you arrange feedback and assistance! Everything in real-time. It’ll float your boat, no matter what.

Reason #11: You’re one call away with WooCommerce customer support.

Are you stuck somewhere? While WooCommerce is excellent with SOS signals, a mail or call would simply do. No really! They’re a top-notch customer help desk that keeps you going through the thick and thin of your eCommerce journey. Like you care about your customers, WooCommerce cares about its customers. In this case, it’s you. Everyone talks about customer-experience, but no one seems to speak of merchant experience. Well, do I need to say further what WooCommerce thinks of it?

Reason #12: DIY documentation.

It was always hard to catch fishes until humans learnt it. The same theory applies to WooCommerce. It looks complicated at first thought! Coding, bugs, set-up, configuration, theming, etc. These words might challenge your mental health. And they’re intellectually threatening. But WooCommerce has documented plans for you. You can learn how to fish and how to sell it at the same time. Its detailed documentation gives you plenty of information to live around— good enough to switch your profile to eCommerce developer. 😉 So, DIY is never out of business when you’re working on WooCommerce.

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Reason #13: Content management system is a plus. Publish your story. Get some killing traffic in your store.

Stories sell, and so do Emotions. The brands that carry stories and emotions are more likely to convert users than those who don’t have any story to market. But where would you publish your stories? Well, WooCommerce’s dad has a solution. WordPress lets you integrate a blogging panel with your eCommerce store. So when you’re willing to educate or share your brand experience— the blogging platform will take your words to thousands of readers. And yeah, integration is super easy!

Reason #14: Market your business effectively.

You’ve your eCommerce store ready, and you think: visitors will fall off the clouds. Even a third-grade sci-fi movie will not believe this story. Having an eCommerce store is not enough. It will help if you market your brand through effective marketing campaigns. Fortunately, SEO plugins allow you to sell your product and service pages on the search engine’s first page, organically. Its SEO reporting system ensures you’re pleasing finicky Google’s crawlers.

Reason #15: Without data, everyone has an opinion. WooCommerce gives you data with reporting and analytics.

The world is making evidence-based decisions. Every step is a calculated risk. So you don’t make eCommerce decisions without checking on data. In case you don’t land in the lingo of errors, the WooCommerce reporting system helps you gauge your performance and improvise as expected. Yeah, it’s not as advanced as Google analytics, but it’s always evolving. We’re pretty sure WooCommerce will nail the reporting system in the coming time.

WooCommerce, over to you

Still not convinced? Honestly, I could go on and on until we have our separate book on it. :p But I’m pretty sure these reasons are enough to go drooling for WooCommerce. Lastly, I would like to ask what you think of it. My experience has been phenomenal with it. How was yours? Feel free to share your two-bits and win a free WooCommerce store. 😀 Because it’s already free and open.Just in case you need experts to help you with eCommerce challenges, hire woocommerce developer from Huptech Web.

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