3 Amateur Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up An Amazon Store

Maintaining a stable Amazon business might stem from different elements. Indeed, setting up the store properly is always the solid foundation for any Amazon shoppers.

While some would rely on an Amazon marketing agency for recommendations and advice, other sellers may probably make mistakes when setting up a store themselves. The following article will mention some typical examples with additional tips for you to avoid this term.

3 Common Mistakes When Setting Up Amazon Stores

It’s time to dive into some apparent mistakes that many shoppers often make when starting an Amazon business.

1. Account set-up mistake

Choosing the wrong account to register on Amazon is one of the common amateur mistakes. There are many types of selling accounts that make the shoppers overwhelmed. Hence, they pick an account randomly without thorough research. This leads to costing your unwanted selling budget.

In addition, be mindful of opting for the sole account to set up. According to Amazon policy, one seller is allowed to have only one account. Otherwise, you might take more time and effort to manage numerous accounts. Also, your official store might be suspended in the worst scenario.

Apart from that, some newbies might forget to select the professional name for their business, which negatively impacts your sales and the brand’s image in the long term.

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2. Product listing mistake

After setting up an account, the seller might make the light work of enriching the content and visuals for product listing. Below are some notable mistakes to take into account and avoid

Lack rich content of the product

Whether your business is a niche market or mass market, it is no secret that selling on the Amazon marketplace is fierce between numerous competitors. Hence, the subjective mindset of listing products might result in several business problems.

Titles and product descriptions, for instance, are essential parts to add valuable and strategic information to converse customers. Later, the title products might relate to your marketing strategies, such as SEO campaigns or Google ads, and so forth.

On the other hand, Amazon sellers forget that you sell the product that meets the customer’s needs. Hence, it is advisable to enrich your content with insightful or pain points to draw customers quickly. However, don’t overuse the promotion copy, which is against the Amazon policy.

Not invest in product and brand image

The first impression to get engagement and impression from customers are product images. They need this information to build trust and make sure to invest in the valuable product. However, many Amazon sellers underestimate that. As a result, you might lose your potential customers.

Besides, designing an attractive and professional brand page is also essential. One of the main reasons is that the customer probably searches thoroughly about the product’s origin before making the decision.

Therefore, your valuable and trusted brand image will encourage them to choose your product. Even better, they can pick other things in your product portfolio as well.

Set the suitable price

Mispricing is another problem of concern because it is the ultimate element to sell a product. Someone tends to underprice to attract customers at first, but gradually it is not the ideal option for your business. In contrast, setting overprice might block your product listing.


In this situation, it is essential to calculate your current budget and the market price to opt for a suitable price to sell on the Amazon marketplace. Thanks to that, you can ensure the business is stable and have an extra account for other activities in the long term, for instance, marketing activities.

Forget to mention the store policy.

Clarifying the store policy is the common term that many shoppers forget when setting up a business on Amazon. Yet, once you have an order, it may not assure that you won’t deal with many pop-up problems or consult customers. Hence, the apparent store policy comes in handy, ensuring the business’s right without suspending your customers.

3. Customers service mistake

Regarding setting up an Amazon store, sellers probably underestimate customer service no matter what you have the order or not. So instead, you should build up to it to build a good rapport with customers and a loyal customer base. According to that, you should avoid some problems following:

Bad shipping services

Offering a too high shipping fee is a widespread mistake made by many sellers. Charging the high cost might retrain the customer to buy your products. Also, they will leave bad feedback and ratings in some cases, which keep you behind other competitors.

Furthermore, you should estimate the logistic service to ensure the shipping process operates smoothly. The faster customers receive the order, the better they build trust for your business.

Follow up with customers after purchase.

If you prefer to be the top seller with excessive numbers of loyal customers, then following up with customers is an important task that you should never miss out on. Some simple steps are encouraging them to leave feedback and rating after purchasing.

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Besides, it is necessary to approach and explain the customer’s concern instantly, which delivers more chances to get the order. Unfortunately, Amazon shoppers are bad at following up with customers before and after purchases due to poor time management.

Simple Tips To Avoid Troubles When Setting Up An Amazon Store

This part will share with you some valuable tips to avoid these typical mistakes mentioned above. Hence, you can set up your store on Amazon effectively.

Conduct thorough research

One of the first steps you should do is researching carefully before opening a business on Amazon. Understanding the marketplace deeply will help you avoid many mistakes in product listings. Besides, don’t forget to read Amazon’s guidelines and policy to ensure your business from suspended problems.

Plan obvious business plan

Running a business on Amazon is not successful overnight, but it will take you more time and effort. Therefore, clarifying your business goals and plan carefully will be great guidelines for your Amazon store. Otherwise, you still deal with prevalent problems, often like underestimated cost or maintaining the business stably.

Getting support from other agency

Suppose you are in any trouble and concerned with setting up your Amazon store, then you can turn to some Amazon marketing agency for advice. The expertise with intensive experience will propose valuable solutions in the short and long term. But, significantly, specialists can help you to fix these mistakes effectively without hassles.

In conclusion

Via this article, hopefully, you can recognize some mistakes to avoid when setting up the business on Amazon. Be patient and strict to Amazon’s guidelines is the initial thing you should keep in mind.

If you have any questions, please drop the comment below! Or else, visit website if you’re interested in getting some valuable tips and advice from a trustworthy source.

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