3 Best Apps to Grow Your Business

Software applications have long gone beyond simple bookkeeping and invoicing. In addition to routine work, systems can connect an employee with a potential client and literally act as an intermediary. This is more of a partnership than a regular workflow tool.

Handyman invoice app by Fieldcomplete

The range of programs has also undergone significant changes. Taking into account the specifics of the business, the owner or employee in the “freelance” model can find clients using the application. You can also make commercial offers, form and monitor the price of your services and accept payment. A home appliance repairman, lawnmower, or plumber can choose the best solution based on their needs and the specifics of their work.

Handyman invoice app by fieldcomplete.com is perfect for organizing comfortable work. This application helps to make work easier and more comfortable, calculate the necessary costs and steps. Today it is one of the best and is popular among entrepreneurs.


The most famous platform for finding new clients. It is worth noting that the service takes a percentage of each sold client. Despite the paid service, the program compares favorably with traditional job sites.

With Handy Pro, you can earn money on lawn mowing, plumbing repairs, and other household services. If you are an experienced craftsman who needs new clients, the program will be an excellent and timely solution. To use the service, you can fill in information about yourself, set prices, and arrange a portfolio. After activating your account, the service will send offers according to the specified parameters and inform you about new active applications.

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An excellent solution for repairmen, installation work inside the house, and facade decoration. The peculiarity of the program lies in its advanced budgeting capabilities. The program takes into account the quadrature independently operates with the actual values ​​per square meter, takes into account the cost of materials, and forms the optimal offer.

After detailing the project, the system estimates the cost, the relevance of the proposal and sends the information to the potential client. In turn, an interested consumer can familiarize himself with your proposal, rate it and use the service. The consumer pays the invoice directly on the platform. With Joist, you will have more opportunities to get a job and acquire permanent clients.

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The service is distinguished by a detailed description of the service and information about the contractor. Similar to a dating site or an online employment resource, the system introduces the repairman to a potential customer. In the profile, you can tell in detail about the service, inform about the quality of the service and advertise the reviews of satisfied customers. The platform is relevant for all types of household services, including home repairs.

If desired, the performer can inform about himself as much as possible and prescribe:

• Features of the service that he performs.

• Time and work schedule.

• Cost of work.

• Promotional and special offers.

Once your account is on the list of active services, customers can view your offer. The service allows you to save on contextual advertising, cold calls, and job search. You do not need to search for interested customers for a long time, you can simply fill in information about yourself and wait for a request from interested users.

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The service independently evaluates offers, organizes information, and ranks the services provided by private craftsmen based on positive reviews. The profitable place in the search results is influenced by the completion of the profile, the price, positive responses, and the relevance of the service.

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