4 Secret Techniques To Get The Most Out Of Business Cards

If you are hoping to form new business connections at industry events, it can be quite stressful. While some people believe networking is hard, forming a connection and handing over your business card is even harder. With 63% of people allegedly throwing the business card away without even a second thought, it is extremely important to make a lasting first impression with just a tiny card.

There are a lot of ways to fill this 3.5 inch * 2 inch space with the best design and relevant information to make it stand out in a crowd. To help you make the most of this opportunity here are 5 secret techniques to get the most out of business cards –

  1. Forgo the normal paper design

The traditional and eons old paper business card is a thing of the past now. The paper card is too thin and prone and easily crumples under hand pressure or if not kept properly and used delicately. In this fast paced world, do we really have the time to take care of a tiny piece of paper? Naah. Boring.

Additionally, think about all the paper wastage and environmental harm it costs by cutting down our trees. I would say it is just not worth it. 

Well people argue that metal cards are costlier than paper cards. But remember one thing – cheap doesn’t translate into an investment. Metal cards are not only environment friendly but are heavier and look super sleek and make a hell of an impact. 

  1. Switch to digital business cards

Well it’s after all the digital millennium. With everything moving online, why not your business card too?

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Most people find it difficult to cram all the relevant information on such a tiny piece of area. So the solution is to switch to a digital business card with the help of the companies like Mobilocard. They provide the flexibility of providing as much information as you want to give to the person with your card. 

The advantages these cards provide are so great like no cost of redesigning and reprinting cards in case your contact information or other details change. The flexibility of updating on the go and keeping the digital business card concise is awesome.

Even better – you do not need to think about crowding your phone memory with yet another app. The card automatically redirects to a website URL without you having to do anything. Yayy!

  1. Get your card printed professionally and avoid going full coverage

Don’t think about saving a measly amount of money just by getting your business cards done in a normal way or taking on a do it yourself task. Being a miser in this case can affect your chances of forming future connections.The investment in a professionally printed card can open new doors for you and bring in lots of potential clients. 

Similarly, don’t overcrowd your card with too much text or big graphic designs. Leave some whitespace which is known to draw attention to other details like text or logo in the same area. The eye faces difficulty in catching these signs if the information is cramped or big graphics are blocking the view.

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  1. Offer discounts and create a card relevant to your brand

One of the most secret techniques that people never know is that an established and streamlined business also benefits from a simple discount or special offer. Crafting a short message to offer a discount on the back of your card can redirect them to your business website and bring in more engagement.

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Additionally, it is always a plus point to show your business reflection in your card. Your brand logo and the design of your website should match that of your business card. Not only does this leave a holistic impression of a synergy between all parts of the business, but it also reflects what your brand actually stands for and its background.

Your business card is a form of direct marketing strategy. Leave a lasting impression with your cards because your business depends on it. With a witness of 2.5% increase in sales for every 2000 businesses that are passed out, the significance of these cannot be ignored. Business cards might be small in size but they have a huge impact on a business’s success. Using the above mentioned secret techniques can give your business a special kick with the ever important cards.

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