7 Reasons a Logo is a Powerful Branding Investment for your Business

When Apple wanted to design its logo, it hired the most expensive technology graphic designer in the US. Do you know why? Because the company wanted to get into people’s minds thought the logo.

It did not just want to sell a product; it wanted to make an impression – something that people perceive as important. Fast forward 40 years, today, Apple is the number one tech company in the world.

Source: Logstar

It is not just because of the logo, but the logo played an important role in what Apple is today and across its journey. In the above image, you can see Apple’s logos and how they have changed over the years.

That’s the power of a logo in the shaping of a brand’s identity. Let’s discuss why the logo can be an excellent investment for your brand.

  1. It Grabs Attention

A professional logo design can easily etch your brand into the minds of customers. A creative, memorable, and eye-catching logo will grab the attention of your customers 10/10 times.

Take the example of Mc Donald’s. As soon as we see the yellow M from far away while driving our cars, we start picturing Big Mac in our minds.

We know that if Mc Donald’s is available, we can get food and rest for a while. So, it is true that a logo grabs attention instantly.


Similarly, it grabs attention when we don’t even expect to see it. In most cricket matches, you will see the Pepsi logo on the grass from where the bowler is running to bowl.

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It is because Pepsi wants to appear in people’s minds so that whenever they buy a drink, they go for Pepsi instead of any other beverage. Pepsi has become synonymous with cold drinks in most countries, and its logo is easily recognized.

  1. It Explains Your Service

A well-crafted logo explains to the customers what product or service you are offering. Consider the example of car mechanics. Most mechanics have logos with icon holding tools. What does it indicate?

It indicates that the logo belongs to a mechanic. Now, let’s assume that you are in some area where you don’t know the mechanical shop. A logo like that will help you find the mechanic shop without much hassle. 

Similarly, logos of car showrooms are evident. You can use these logos to find out if a street has car showrooms available. Most of these showrooms will have cars in their logo available.

  1. It Creates an Impression

Logos can help people learn more about the product, but that’s not the whole purpose. Some logos can make a lasting impression in user’s minds.

We have already talked about Apple products. Let’s take the example of Nike, another famous athleisure brand. Nike has made itself synonymous with sports gear.


It did that by running TV commercials of sports personalities wearing Nike shirts. It also introduced the slogan ‘Just do it,’ which became popular in the 1990s. Now people know that if they buy Nike’s shoes or apparel, they won’t get low-quality products.

  1. It is Memorable

Logos are meant to be memorable because that is the only way for brands to convince people to become their customers and win their trust.

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One logo that does that is of Tim Horton.


Tim Horton is a fast food restaurant in Canada. It has become synonymous with coffee and breakfast. Anyone looking to get a healthy breakfast in Canada goes to Tim Horton because they trust their services.

Tim Horton didn’t do it just because of the logo, though. It offered services that people liked, and now it has become irreplaceable for most Canadians.

So, a logo alone won’t make a difference, but it directly helps brands to win the trust of their customers if they also offer an excellent service. The positive word of mouth from satisfied customers can do wonders for their branding.

  1. It Stands Out

Professional logo design helps a brand to stand out among the competitors. However, it is not the logo alone that matters but also the service that the company offers to its users.

Let’s take the example of Amazon or Walmart’s logos. These are two superstores. There are other superstores too, but people can recognize these two superstore chains almost anywhere. But why?

It is because these companies have focused on their branding efforts, and that effort has helped them to become a preferred choice of the customers.

  1. It Fosters Loyalty

Logos can directly lead to winning user trust. For example, you start a loyalty campaign, and you are using your logo to attract customers, will you get their attention? In the first attempt, no! It is because people are not familiar with your brand.

But if you keep at it, you will start turning people into loyal customers. Let’s take the example of Amazon one more time. Suppose a person is looking for a product online, and he/she finds that product on Amazon and another ecommerce platform. 

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Which website will they buy the product from? Amazon. Why? Because Amazon builds trust. People can easily return products whenever they want. Moreover, people know that they are going to get a more trusted seller on Amazon than anywhere else. 

  1. Helps with Marketing

Logos make brand marketing easier. Without the logo, people can’t promote their brand without explaining what service they are offering. The marketers can also create strategies that can help people in the long term based on the company logo. 

The logo has made the job of most people easier who don’t have any idea what the vision of the company is. The logo improves that and offers a much more holistic view of a brand’s value.


Logos change the way people view your product and services. They idealize the logo and perceive it according to the service they receive.

To make a logo a powerful branding investment, make sure that you don’t focus your efforts only on marketing but on customer satisfaction. Because it is all linked:

Customer Satisfaction > Word of Mouth > Logo > Branding

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