7 Ways to Maintain Your Professional Network without Annoying Your Contacts

The hard part, though, is staying in touch with your ex-partners and client’s network, so you don’t have to serve yourself or act like a stalker. Part of that means maintaining a regular contact level, “Email is all about your contacts. So you strengthen your contacts and tap them for help when you need them.“For further information, you can visit website.

1. Reach out to social media

After all, Facebook and LinkedIn are a legitimate reason to spend time on them during the business day: these and other social media sites allow you to unwittingly expose old and new contacts. As you scroll through your feed, keeps an eye on profile updates or posts coming from your contacts.

Dori Clark, a marketing strategy consultant and author of Standout Networking, says that an easy and authoritative way to meet people on your own terms is by sharing your contacts on social media you are standing behind them. Yet you are not asking for anything in return and no response is expected. They see your name, and it puts you on their radar. 

2. Calendar regular check-in

For close contacts, such as a former mentor or key client you’ve worked with multiple times; don’t wait for them to post something online. Some people don’t participate in social media like this. Instead, take the initiative by sending them regular emails or messages, say, once every 60 days or every quarter, Clark advises.

3. Arrange Get-togetherArranging a face-to-face meeting with each individual contact is an impractical time suck. Solution: Organize small parties for a handful of people who know each other. This way your former co-workers’ staff can come together from the past workplace, for example, to have lunch or go out for fun.

4. Show your graduate

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Arranging a face-to-face meeting with each individual contact is an impractical time to suck. If any of your contacts have taught you valuable career lessons or helped you solve a difficult problem, send them a note of appreciation. Handwriting is always more personal and meaningful. But in today’s digitally connected world, an email or social media post might be appropriate.

5. Share your talent

Offer to do business related kindness. For example, arranging an email introduction with such an industry leader, or posting a Facebook link on the latest podcast of a contact is a sign of generosity. “Most people wait for the network until they need something instead of being authentic and realistic,” says Coburn. “Instead, take the advantage and offer help.”

6. Update your contacts listJust don’t wrap it with your company logo. “It’s not a gift – it’s a promotional item.” People are constantly evolving, getting married, moving away and changing their characteristics. “By creating a Google document or spreadsheet that lists all of your contacts by name and includes what they do and how you meet,” says Clark, Keep going.

7. Replace them

Staying close to business contacts means knowing when to return. “If a partner is really overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to send them an e-mail from time to time or leave a voice message and add, ‘No need to reply,'” says Clark. Show a lot of respect for their schedule, as they may be too busy to return to you and may feel guilty about it. It frees them up and lets them know you just want to check in and show that you care. “

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