All You Need To Know About Buying Bitcoin With PayPal

Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 and is the world largest and top cryptocurrency by value on the market. The functions of Bitcoin are not centralised one. With this, Bitcoin has continued to surprise us with its amazing functions. PayPal, on the other hand, offers the most protected payment option you can think of. The PayPal payment platform also uses the same function as that of the traditional bank. Therefore, the PayPal payment option can be regarded as top-notch. Paypal is used for cryptocurrency exchanges, and majority users accept it as a means of payment. Although, unlike traditional banking institutions, PayPal does not need information regarding your finances.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal

You can buy Bitcoin using your debit card, credit card, or better still bank transfer in our present day. Majority of people do not know that you can also purchase Bitcoin using PayPal. This is one of the safest ways of buying bitcoin. You also need to know that not all cryptocurrency exchanges accept PayPal as a means of doing your transactions. To better understand how to buy btc with PayPal, this article will help make the entire process smooth.

The first and most important step when trying to buy bitcoin using PayPal is to ensure that you create a PayPal account. This procedure does not take much time as it is very easy to carry out without stress. Also, have in mind that you will need to open what they call Bitcoin wallet. When you visit the bitcoin website, you get to choose the options that best suit your needs. It makes it easy and provides you with the option to send, receive and store your bitcoins. Once you are done with creating your PayPal account, make sure to get yourself registered with a Bitcoin trading platform or any exchange service that uses PayPal as a means of payment. Having registered with a bitcoin trading platform, you should also search for individuals or companies that accept PayPal for buying Bitcoin.

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Selling Bitcoin Using Paypal

The sales of Bitcoin via PayPal method is similar to that of buying bitcoin using PayPal. Below contains the process of selling bitcoin using PayPal.

Just like purchasing your bitcoin using PayPal, you are to create an online account with Bitcoin. This procedure is also easy to manoeuvre and takes just a few minutes. To begin, click on the started option. After doing that, a new page requiring you to fill in vital information will be displayed on the screen. When you are done, ensure you click submit so that the process can continue. Also, note that only accounts that are verified are allowed to sell bitcoin. After creating the account, the next step is to search for the trade button and choose the amount you desire to sell. The amount you wish to sell is dependent on the exchange rate available for that day. After deciding on the amount to sell, you are open to choosing several payment options displayed on the screen. Make sure to choose PayPal as your payment option. Your email and your sign in details will be requested. After filling the details, be sure to go through the terms and conditions as regards sales. Having read through the terms and conditions, you are expected to agree or not to agree. If you click on the, “I agree” button, then click on the “sell” button as well. After this, you will wait for a few seconds for your PayPal account to get the payment.


Buying and selling of Bitcoin have been made easy when you use the PayPal payment option. PayPal payment is much easier and convenient. Why not try out the PayPal payment for easy bitcoin transactions.

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