All You Need to Know About Sabre GDS

GDS stands for the Global Distribution System, which is a network that allows travel agents and others in the business to access travel products and services such as hotel rooms, airline tickets, and vehicle rentals to complete transactions. They also give end-users access to inventory and prices in real-time.

GDS is often one of the most essential distribution channels for hoteliers since it makes the hotel available to travel agents, who can subsequently reserve hotel accommodation on behalf of their clients. This might result in a large rise in the number of bookings the hotel receives.

What is Sabre? 

Sabre stands for Semi-Automated Business Research Environment. The company was created by IBM in the 1960s to assist American Airlines in managing expanding passenger loads. Sixty years later, the world’s first computerized flight booking system still accounts for the majority of airline and hotel bookings.

It forms part of the Big Three, which controls up to 98% of the travel distribution business, with newer competitors Amadeus and Travelport. Watch this video to see how the top GDSs vary from one another. 

Sabre as well as other GDSs are more than just travel wholesalers. They also offer a variety of technology to help businesses run more efficiently. APIs, or application programming interfaces, are their main offering, which allows merchants to access inventories from thousands of suppliers and make bookings online. We made an instructional film for individuals who are unfamiliar with the API idea.

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Why choose Sabre?

The capacity to distribute to travel agents globally, giving them 24/7 access to hotel inventory, is the fundamental benefit of utilizing the Sabre GDS for hotels and others in the travel industry. Sabre also provides a variety of useful hospitality technology solutions.

When opposed to Amadeus, a higher percentage of reservations made through the Sabre network are for hotel rooms. Furthermore, the worldwide distribution service provides hotels with the finest access to the lucrative NA market, allowing them to contact a huge number of travel agents and clients.

How to properly integrate your business to Sabre and where to look for help?

It makes little difference what coding language your engineers know when it comes to Sabre integration. Almost all prominent technologies are supported by the platform. DataArt engineers utilized Java and TypeScript in particular. 

Knowing APIs and domain experience are the two most important traits to seek in a developer. Your ideal applicant should be well-versed in such travel-related ideas and procedures as ticketing, flight connection and reservation, and a variety of other industry-specific ideas are all discussed. We recommend you cooperate with DataArt. The company has tons of positive reviews.

You may also seek assistance on DataArt to help you with Sabre API integration. This company currently has hundreds of positive reviews and feedback from its clients. 

Things to bear in mind

You could be bewildered or perhaps shocked when you first enter the Sabre universe because of its intricacy. Given that the platform manages hundreds of thousands of airlines, hotels, OTAs, and other businesses, it’s not surprising.

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There is, of course, documentation available to aid newbies with common problems. However, certain issues have still to be resolved.

You could catch errors that haven’t been recorded. You’ll have to experiment with a few things and frequently contact Sabre support. Processing your request might take anything from a few hours to many days. This is why it’s important to choose a helping hand wisely. We recommend you to visit the link of DataArt for further information

Summing up

Let’s sum up the main aspects of today’s brief review.

  1. Sabre GDS is one of three major GDS systems that hotels and other tourism organizations use to increase distribution. Travel agents will have direct access to inventory and price information by linking a hotel to the Sabre system, allowing them to offer hotel rooms to their clients.
  2. Your developers should have a good understanding of how flight booking works. Knowing how your requests must be executed is quite helpful. This expedites the process of locating specific material or receiving accurate responses from technical assistance.
  3. It’s a long-term project. From a commercial and technical standpoint, integrating Sabre is a lengthy process. Starting with the template file and concluding when your project goes online, it might take anywhere from a few months to a year.
  4. For those that sell air travel on a large scale, GDSs remain unparalleled. Sabre allows you to access discounts from dozens of airlines while also automating the entire booking process. As a result, you will finally get compensated for your significant effort.

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