Benefits Of Promotional Videos For Your Company

Video marketing is an old ship that very few marketers caught on with. But there are numerous benefits to not just using videos in your marketing, but designing a complete video marketing strategy for your brand. 

According to Wyzowl, 89% of marketers have observed an increased ROI with video marketing. With that, let’s get right into the top 7 benefits of using video marketing for your next campaign.

1. Videos build trust and improve branding

It takes a lot of time to create great videos. If a viewer spends 5-10 minutes watching promo videos from a brand, they’re going to remember the brand for a long time. As these videos help the customer out with a current problem they’re experiencing, you position yourself as an authority in that space. 

So the next time your product ad shows up, their familiarity with your brand will compel them to click through. And it won’t stop there. 

They’d continue to search for your brand and recommend it if you were able to solve their problems through the video they saw.

Building this familiarity and trust is extremely important and takes a lot of time in the initial phases. But once it’s built, your marketing can fly through without seeming too over the top. 

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2. A video conveys complex information effectively

Videos can be a brilliant way to demonstrate complex products or topics. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a one minute video is equal to 1.8 million words, says.

While reading text will take a lot of initial effort from your users, people naturally sit in front of computer screens watching videos for hours. That’s because videos engage multiple senses of a person at the same time. 

Once you get the hang of what type of videos your audience likes to watch, you can hook them to your brand for hours on end. In turn, you’re not just conveying information to them. When the time comes for them to purchase a product or service, you’ll be the brand that comes to their mind right off the bat. 

3. Improved ROI on your Adspend

You need to put in the money to get your brand to show up, and the easiest way is with native ads on social and search platforms. But when we’re talking about social media ads, which turn out to be highly effective, we need to know that the users are in a browsing mindset.

Showing them your product and expecting them to buy will only waste your money.

But with a good video ad that interests them in the first few seconds, you can get them to stop their browsing and watch your advertisement.

Your adspend is better utilised that way. Even if your brand is already well-known, publishing a video is far more effective in converting a browsing user, into a potential lead or a buyer.

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4. Videos enhance SEO for your website

SEO is an important factor for any business as the traffic generated is free of cost. But did you know that one of the major factors in SEO is dwell-time? Search engines love to see the user visit your website and stay there for a long time. 

Text may not be as effective in keeping users hooked for so long. But adding an embedded video that complements the article or blog post is enough to improve the time users spend on your website.

But videos do more than increase your users’ time-on-site. You can repurpose your text content into videos, publish them on social media, and use those videos as a way to promote your content. 

The users who come through after watching your video are more likely to spend a lot more time and read your article because they’re interested in the topic. 

5. Videos are known to increase shareability

Shareability is the probability of any piece of content being shared. With text, it’s common knowledge that longer articles tend to be shared more across social media. But with video, there’s no limit to the length. 

If the video is good enough and gets your users the answers that they want, they will recommend the video to others who have the same problem. 

Let loose with videos instead of sticking to a set standard. Try an interesting video format like a video collage. Because until you try different things, you won’t know what works best for your audience.

6. Video marketing is highly effective for mobile users

With so many users viewing your content on mobile, it only makes sense to serve them what they consume the most. According to Youtube statistics, over 70% of their user base watches videos on their mobile phones.

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It’s just more convenient than reading text on the screen. Users can let the video play in the background while they continue with their work. This convenience is what brands must aim for when producing any video content for their consumers. 

Think to multitask, and create a video that is equally informative when people are listening to it. You might as well convert the same video into a podcast for later use.

7. Your brand can show some personality through videos

How many ordinary people do you remember? Probably, not too many. That’s the same case with brands. To stand out, a brand needs a fun personality. The text and the graphics on the website must showcase what your brand stands for. 

But video is a great way to explicitly tell users what it is that they need to remember you for. A great brand personality doesn’t only sell better but also gets a loyal following from users.

Now, push your video marketing forward

Try to get some videos published and notice the increase in traction. Try embedding some videos or repurpose some of your existing content. Since videos convey complex topics with ease, there’s no reason for video marketing to slow down in the future. So, while you’ve been watching videos online and on television already, this time, give your brand the video marketing boost it deserves!

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