Best Industries for Starting a Business Today

Today a lot has already been invented and it is very difficult to create something fundamentally new. Therefore, to achieve success, the only thing left is to become the best in the industries that already exist. The main thing is to choose correctly!

So, at number 1 are the recruitment agencies. Previously, managers tried to search for the right personnel themselves, but now many have realized that their time is worth more and it is better spent wisely. And although at the moment there is no growth in the number of recruitment agencies, the future still looks brighter.

№2. Technical and vocational schools (colleges). While other enterprises are losing their profits and closing down, various continuing education courses and peculiar “evening schools and courses” are flourishing. Many people remain unemployed and are looking for ways out of this difficult situation. One such way is retraining. It’s not as expensive as the university, it doesn’t take as much time, and it works.

№3. The beauty industry. While in the past these services were rarely used and their range was quite narrow, now this industry is reviving. Beauty salons and clinics are growing like mushrooms and according to expert forecasts, their number will continue to grow.

№4. Organic snacks. And to put it simply, it is a variety of breakfast cereals made of natural ingredients. That is not the standard glazed cereal with lots of sugar, but “muesli” with oat flakes, nuts, dried fruits, and various grains (seeds, sesame). It’s both nutritious, tasty, and healthy. In any case, it is better to eat such a mixture for lunch, dressed with yogurt or kefir without any additives, than a quick snack at the fast food. And since we are concerned about our health and the health of our children because of the so proliferating E-cheeses, preservatives, chemicals, and other “joy” in our products, experts predict an increase in the consumption of organic products.

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№5. Foreign language courses. Try searching the Internet for courses in foreign languages and you will be amazed by the abundance of offers for every purse. From just language clubs on Sundays with access to a library of books and movies to a course specifically tailored to you. In the U.S., this is because, over the past 10 years, the diversity of nationalities inhabiting the country has increased even more. As for our countries, our borders have simply opened, and with them, our eyes and opportunities have opened.

№6. Companies that specialize in PR, marketing, Internet marketing, etc. I think that due to the growth of social networks and the number of companies that want to sell their services there or become recognizable, it is not surprising that this industry has become so popular. Especially with their relevance and good paystub comments are superfluous.

№7. Shoe and accessory stores. Even if they are quite small in size! They grow like mushrooms similar to beauty salons and hair salons.

№8. Financial planning, consulting, and investments. Everyone wants to make a lot of money, and even more, people want to know how to make that money continue to work, and bring profit. The world slowly begins to recover after the financial crisis and investors with new strength and resources rushed into action. And even if such a revival is not yet evident in our countries, it is still worth thinking about the prospects.

№9. Online Dating and Encounters. These days, it’s rare to hear something like “girl, may I meet you?” on the bus. Nowadays, you’re more likely to get a message from someone wanting to meet you online. “If you’re not present online, you’re not there!” – That’s what an acquaintance of mine said. Teenagers meet online, and on the street, they ask for your Facebook contact instead of your phone number. So, the number of online dating services is just off the charts right now and they are very popular.

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№10. Location apps. Having a smartphone at hand and installing certain applications you can not only determine your location and thus find the right places in unfamiliar cities, but also keep track of your friends’ movements, get together, organize flash mobs, etc.

№11. Goods for outdoor activities and sports. Visit the page of your friends – almost everyone, if not riding on snowboards or windsurfing, then at least tried kiting under the supervision of an instructor. Skiing equipment, snowboards, roller skates, skates, bicycles, diving equipment, backpacks, tents and other camping gear – all this is not only fashionable, but also helps to keep the body toned and periodically recharge its adrenaline! And that means there is a demand for it. Here you can also add stores for rental of such things. Sometimes in the same place where they sell, they also give them for rent.

№12. Ecological toys. All the best for the children, and a beautiful, pleasant to the touch wooden toy is much better than its plastic counterpart. Especially if it is not very good quality plastic, and the child is small and pulls everything into his mouth. You would not dress a small child in synthetics, would you? The same goes for toys. There is so much synthetic, lifeless, computer-generated stuff around these days, that you want your child to play with toys that smell like wood, not plastic, at least as a child. The same goes for artificial Christmas trees (think about how many years such a tree will decompose). Personally, I’m not in favor of cutting down forests, but I prefer a live potted Christmas tree. Yes, it will not be up to the ceiling, but it will smell and be alive. And then it can be planted with a child in the nearest park. Also, buying toys for children made of natural materials is fashionable! And the word “fashionable” for many is the key.

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It seems to me that all of the above can be useful for us in one way or another. At least among my acquaintances there are people who are active in several of these industries and are thinking about projects in others. Don’t be afraid to start your own business and try new things. Choose something you enjoy and become the best at it.

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