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Turbotax is distinguished as one of the pioneering tax software. It all started from the early 1980s that Turbotax was launched, which gradually began to be popular as productive tax software. In addition, most of the features were accessible without any charges. However, with the march of the years and the discovery of the new and innovative technology, numerous decent tax software came into being that gradually cemented their place as awesome alternatives to Turbotax.

Turbotax has always been one of the best tax software ever produced and has always worked with enviable efficiency. Besides, it is still considered as one of the best software for the newbie’s even now. However, many people are opting for the alternatives of Turbotax as their preferred tax software. This is mainly because there is much software presently in the market which are acting as healthy competitors for Turbotax. Software like H&R Block, Tax Act, TaxSlayer, Credit Karma Tax and others prove to be a boon for the users. If you want to check out the best alternatives for Turbotax, then here are three:

H&R Block

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With H&R Block you would be getting a free package for the basic returns. This is almost like what you get with Turbotax. Using these free plans, you can even have the opportunity to file some additional forms and schedules. Turbotax also gives this option to its users but with H&R Block you can file more schedules and forms. Besides, H&R Block also assures its customers for a first-rate service along with an exclusive support from its team. Also, you will be getting live tax support from the expert tax professionals from all over the globe.

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Furthermore, along with all these you can also avail premium child and dependent care expenses, student loan interest deduction, tuition and fees statements, and more. In addition, you can even file a bundle of state returns with the free plan you will get with H&R Block at no extra cost. On the other hand, if you choose Turbotax over H&R Block, then you can simply file only one state return for free.


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TaxAct is another Turbotax alternative that is well worth switching to. It offers an outstanding free plan with TaxAct. With this, you would not be charged whether you are filing federal or state return in case you need a single state return. It is also important to know that both TaxAct and Turbotax are equipped with premium paid packages that they offer their clients and customers. Furthermore, TaxAct is also known to provide expensive help for their clients. 

Whether you are an investor, a self-employed individual or an owner of a rental real estate, you would certainly be benefited with TaxAct. However, if you are in need of a user-friendly software then Turbotax shall always be the primary option for you.


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Though TaxSlayer offers fewer packages than Turbotax, it also stands as one of the promising TurboTax alternatives in the present. If you are tangled into a complex tax situation, the Classic and Premium packages from TaxSlayer are the best things to opt for! Here you can also access a self-employed package with which you can get access to some special features. This is really handy if you need any help in reasoning out whether you can deduct. Furthermore, TaxSlayer also helps small business owners to get around numerous troubles that they are likely to face. One can also choose the Ultimate package from TaxSlayer. This will extend premium audit defence, identity theft protection services, unlimited phone, and email and chat support to all.

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There is endless tax support you can get from all the tax software around the world. So, among all these, it’s easy to get lost in thoughts. Here are 3 of the best tax software that offers a similar environment as Turbotax. Therefore, choosing one of them would cut your costs as well as your time. However, it’s better to come up with your priorities and needs before selecting one! Best of luck!

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