Best Ways to Convert VOB to MP4

Video Object (VOB) is a native DVD storage format. This container sometimes contains encrypted files within the sort of DVD audio, video, navigation content.

VOB file is an important part of any DVD video and is usually found in the VIDEO_TS folder with the VOB extension. VOB video has great qualities concerning audio and video. Check the best ways to convert VOB to MP4.

Part 1:  VOB to MP4 with Leawo Video Editor

Leawo Video Converter is a Powerful and high-quality software specially designed for conversion. Trusted by millions of people all around the world, Leawo Video Converter is one of the most popular Video and Audio converter programs nowadays.

This video converter provides various advanced functions and features. Not only it provides 180 formats of conversion but also generates a result 6 times faster.

Part 2: VOB to MP4 with WinFF

WinFF video converter tool is used in Window’s OS, and it’s liked by various peoples for its clean UI. It contains a few buttons on its interface that make it easy to use.

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Step 1: Download and install WinFF on Window’s computer.

Step 2: Launch the program and click on Add button to import your source VOB video for converting.

Step 3: In the convert to box set the output format as MP4

Step 4: Finally click the convert button toolbar to start the conversion.

Part 3: VOB to MP4 using OnlineZigZag

OnlineZigZag is an online video converter tool. Comparing it to the above-mentioned video conversion tools this online program makes the video converter process easier and efficient. With this online video converter tool, you can convert not only VOB to MP4, but also other files like documents archive files, and images online easily.

How to convert DVD to MP4 with ease.

Store DVDs with important information, be it holidays of your family or other functions is not a completely competent approach. The disc can be damaged, spoiled, scattering and within the end, the video will not be available for watching.

Store DVDs with important information, be it holidays of your children, or the birthday is not a completely competent approach. The disc is often spoiled, scattering and in the end, the video won’t be available for viewing.

Following are the two applications that are completely free available to convert DVD to MP4 format.

1. Free Make Video Converter.

The software is straightforward to put in and straightforward to use. It works with all modern versions of windows. Don’t try to install on Mac Pc. Choose from the online & offline installer. Select the latest version and run the burning program after installation.

2. WinX DVD Ripper.

Click on the main interface, ISO image button of WinX DVD Ripper program and you will see a pop-up option. Now click Browse to open the DVD ISO image file you would like to convert to MP4. You don’t need to choose the DVD Disc File System type. Just click okay to load the ISO file to the present ripper immediately.

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3. HandBrake

 HandBrake is not only a free DVD ripper but also open source, so it’s totally free in every sense of the word. By default, there’s no support for bypassing copy-protection, but this is often something you’ll be able to get around with touch research. As interact with other software, there are several presets ready for you to choose from, but you can also manually each ripping session if you prefer.

MOV to MP4 Video Converters

MOV to MP4 video converters are multimedia containers, both formats are mostly used to view videos on multiple platforms. One of them MOV is developed by Apple corporation and made the standard format to play videos on Mac Pcs. While users switching from Mac to Windows might face compatibility issues while playing MOV files.

Free-Methods to Convert MOV to MP4

Below are some free methods that you can use to convert your MOV files to Mp4 videos.

i. Use Online Converter

ii. Use VLC Media Player

iii. Use trusted third-party Converters

Using Online Converter

You can also use various other converters available online. The use of any random online converter might cause file corruption.

You can also try different converters available online. However, before using any free or paid online converter, you ought to verify the source website. The use of any random online converter might cause file corruption.

VOB to MP4

VLC for Conversion of MOV to MP4

VLC media player gives a variety of features to manage videos. You can repair damaged indexes, convert videos, and perform various other functions on video files via VLC. Here are some instructions one should follow to convert their MOV to MP4 format.

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Using Third-party software

The most preferable alternative to all the methods described above is to use an efficient third-party converter to perform the conversion. One such tool that can help you to convert MOV to MP4 formats is Kernel Video Converter.

Top ways to Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

MOV is a video holder design that is chiefly utilized by Apple QuickTime for putting away video documents. MOV documents are enormous and usually utilized by Mac clients.

Online UniConverter

If you want to convert a limited number of flies at the same time, then using an online convert makes this. Online MOV to MP4 converter Mac doesn’t require any software download or installation and may be used directly from your Mac browser. One such decent online tool that converts MOV to MP4 on Mac is the online UniConverter.


Another simple and easiest MOV to MP4 converter Mac is QuickTime Pro. The Pro software comes with an array of QuickTime Pro is the paid version of the same. So, if you are doing not want to put in any third-party software on your Mac, choose QuickTime Pro for video conversion.


iMovie is a video conversion software by Apple to be used on Mac and iOS devices. This is a free video player and converter that also works as a decent video editor tool.

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