Characteristics of Top Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Firms

Google known for its futuristic approach has only 2%Afro-Americans in its employee base whereas Apple has 3% Hispanic with 70% male staff. What do these statistics mean for those believing and promoting diversity and inclusion as a successful business model?

Despite the intentions, the disparity and ethnic, racial and gender imbalance is quite evident. According to the 2050 census, there will be no racial and ethnic majority in the US. This means, companies will not be able to avoid diverse and inclusive workforce in the near future.

Thus,it’s time to make diversity and inclusion a priority.This may require taking part in unconscious bias training programs. Many companies hire diversity trainers and consultants in leadership positions to promote equity-based, healthy work environments. Meanwhile, others partner with D&I consulting firms to treat prejudicial issues, such as racism, sexism, and ethnic stereotypes.

Here, we will be discussing major traits of companies striving to cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion in various business organizations. It helps them to ensure equal opportunity, upward mobility and leadership prospection without any biases.

Gather Information

You cannot expect any D&I firm to provide training sessions without understanding your business and work ethics. Much like a doctor will not write you a prescription without a diagnosis, a competent and experienced D&I consulting firm will not provide training sessions without an understanding of your business’s needs.

They will ask lots of thought-provoking questions, talk to executives, and review current workplace policies.  If you do not take part in this, it will hinder the entire process as the consultants will ultimately fail to make impartial recommendations and schedule unbiased trainings.  

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Structure Goals and Outcomes

Every organization has flaws and efficiencies.Thus,competent and focused D&I consulting firms help in identifying your needs and devise strategic goals. Diversity doesn’t end with hiring people from various different backgrounds.Providing a work environment of equity and inclusivity will get maximum benefit from a diverse work team.

The consulting firm will help figure out your diversity objectives and the process to meet those set goals. Keeping the top tier leaders involved in the process, consultants will be able to successfully draft goals that advance your program of diversity and inclusion. It will you yield high ROI on time, budget and skills.

Recommend Solutions

Unconscious bias training is one aspect of fostering diversity and inclusion; D&I programs also include revised work policies, employee assessments and improving leadership styles. To ensure meaningful results, the consulting firm should demonstrate results and ROI.

A competent agency offers quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the techniques, proposed goals and well-designed outcomes. At a bare minimum, they draft written reports, recommendations and future approach. For long-term benefits, they usually measure the effectiveness of the project at mid-level and adjust the plan accordingly.

Walk the Talk

It’s quite natural to expect the D&I consulting firms offering inclusivity and diversity training to reflect these principles in its workforce and approach. They should be highly unbiased when addressing and interacting differences across the board.

They should be aware of the latest developments in their field and possess the skills required for improving emotional intelligence. 

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