How Artificial Intelligence for HR is Embraced by New-Age Employers?

Corporations all over the world are incorporating AI applications in HR solutions. Artificial intelligence and other machine learning technologies are enhancing the way organizations function, helping them reduce costs, improve performance and productivity, and increase overall customer satisfaction. 

Over 86% of organizations globally use AI in some form or the other for HR, enhancing the worldwide use and adoption of HR automation with AI. 

AI in HR has helped companies to make better-informed decisions in recruiting suitable candidates, efficiently engaging with them using chatbots, providing comprehensive and exclusive learning and training programs to employees, and more. 

Therefore, AI in HR is not only embraced by the customers but the employees too. Let us see how employees are leveraging and embracing the technological advancements introduced within the organizations after incorporating AI applications in HR department. 

Unique approaches

Customers and employees are widely using conversational AI or chatbots. New-age employers use chatbots to communicate with prospective employees during the recruiting process. The company also uses chatbots to search and lookup employee information. 

In the U.S., around 40% of employees use chatbots to converse with prospective employers, and around 39% of employees use them for employer self-service. Such a unique and different approach to recruiting enhances the employer’s and the candidate’s performance and experience. 

Preventing unconscious bias

Unintentional and unconscious biases are common in the workplace. Jumping to conclusions, misjudging the prospects, and favoritism can lead employees to make unethical and biased decisions, affecting the organization’s culture and decision-making standards. 

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AI does not completely eliminate this process but helps HRs analyze large and voluminous data to determine which candidates possess the right and necessary requirements for a particular job position. AI for HR solutions does not replace recruiters or HR employees altogether but instead augment their capabilities to help them hire the best-suited candidates. This saves their time and allows them to invest their time in much complex and priority tasks. This helps the employees make strategic decisions and removes the biased-induced recruiting and hiring process within the organizations’ talent acquisition and development process. 

Summing Up

The incorporation and adoption of AI in HR have an upward trajectory, making businesses achieve tremendous success, hitting revenue growth, and enhancing user and customer experience and engagement. The impact of AI in HR has a positive response from businesses and their employees. 

HR automation and conversational AI (chatbots) have significantly reduced costs and increased revenue by carrying out repetitive and basic tasks such as answering common FAQs, directing prospective employees to the right and suitable HR employees, providing a customizable and exclusive learning experience, and more. 

This has made it possible for HR employees to focus and concentrate on other, much more important, and complex tasks which the bots cannot handle. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for common HR questions such as payroll, organizational policies, administration, logistics, and more, you can check out the ‘HR Assistant’ from They offer intelligent AI and automation solutions to help you enhance your organization’s employee engagement and productivity.

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