How Can A Small Business Build An Effective Safety Program

Workplace safety has been a topic for discussion in every decade. Technology has enhanced the benchmark of safety standards in every industry but still people at work face threats and experience injuries. Before going further into the topic, read these facts and you will get a glimpse of the issue.

  • A worker gets injured every 7 seconds.
  • 51% of employees have complained that their employers maintain the minimum safety and threat prevention equipment just to fulfill the legal requirements.
  • 3 out of every 5 injured workers do not wear safety equipment at the time of injury.

What is organizational safety?

Organizational safety is not just a collection of safety tools used by each employee individually. It is the name of collective efforts by employees, employers, and management to build and maintain a safe and safer workplace environment. The primary element in this preparedness is employers who must take safety measures before allowing the employees to work. 

Why is Organizational Safety Important for Business?

Now we think about the importance of organizational safety that why a CEO and the executive management should care about it. In today’s world of expertise, a human resource with industry-specific experience is a valuable asset. Companies cannot afford to lose such a person. They even cannot bear any physical or mental barrier that hinders their employees from work. So if employees are exposed to any danger at the workplace, it affects their workability that ultimately leads to poor quality and low productivity. And thus as we know that low productivity and poor quality mean a loss to business in every aspect. That’s why every business organization must ensure the safety of every employee.

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Therefore, companies affiliate with other safety providers to provide safety equipment to their employees. These safety manufacturers offer different attractive business features such as Free enrollment, Free trial, 24/7 support, etc. As a result, employees experience a safer workplace and boost their performance. 

Here are some workplace safety steps that are beneficial for every business organization.

  1. Launch safety program

To include every employee, every organization needs to launch a safety program on the organizational level. There are many safety programs based on industry requirements. For example, to protect the employees’ eyes, the company should launch an industrial eyewear safety program. Through this program, every member of the company will get basic services and all additional benefits associated with the program. It also saves employees from expenses on their safety. So, every organization should join the relevant safety program that meets its requirements.

  1. Train and aware every employee

Even if an organization has an effective safety program, safety cannot be assured unless employees are well-trained and aware. Train every employee about the safety equipment and procedures. Make them aware of why they have to take care of personal safety at the workplace. Make them understand that safety is directly liked to their performance. When the employees are conscious of safety, there will be a safer work environment.

  1. Provide Right Tools and Equipment to employees

Many incidents happen because workers don’t have the appropriate tools to do that work. For example, workers of a construction company are assigned to build a roof on a building. But they don’t have sufficient and right work tools. So they may use other means to complete the task. The use of these wrong tools and equipment may lead to an incident. So always make sure that every team member has the right tools and machinery to perform the task. 

  1. Ensure SOPs are practiced by every employee
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Lack of practicing standard protocols in the workplace also leads to injuries and other accidents.  Every company defines some standard procedures to perform the daily tasks assigned to every employee. These rules and regulations are made to ensure that the task is completed in the best way. Neglecting these procedures results in low productivity, poor quality, and a potential work accident. So it is the responsibility of the management to implement the SOPs in the organization. To ensure the implementation, the administration may impose any penalty/ reward system to prevent the employees from negligence.

  1. Create and Build ‘Safety First’ culture

Many business organizations take care of their workers in such a way that their employees also give their best potential in return. To win the trust of the employees, companies must create a ‘Safety Culture’ in the workplace. Through this slogan, every employee must be advised to take care of their safety. There should be no compromise on safety in any case. The company should tell the employees that they have a right to protect themselves first and the other assets later. Maintain this culture throughout the year without any negligence. 

Having a safer workplace is not only beneficial for the businesses, it ensures that employees enjoy a safer and ultimately happier lifestyle at the workplace and outside the office too. 

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  1. I would simply say that safety is proportional to growth. So if you want business growth, don’t hesitate to make your people safe. Good article for managers and executives of the companies! Les hope someone read and implement it too!

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