How much is earned by AWS Solutions Architect?

In the magic quadrant for cloud infrastructure as a service, AWS stands as a leader followed by Microsoft and Google. The credit all goes to the global infrastructure of AWS that has 24 launched regions followed by 77 Availability zones in 245 countries and territories worldwide. 

Following the benefits like a secure and dynamic environment, global footprint, scalability & flexibility, millions of active customers get drawn to AWS. This rejuvenates the sustainability and curbs on-premise infrastructure cost, which is seven-folds the cloud environment.

Roles and Responsibilities of an AWS Solutions Architect

Being an AWS solutions Architect can be turbulent mostly. You have to work on storage & databases, using computing networking and AWS technologies. For many innocuous candidates, AWS deployment and management services are beyond the league technologies to work with. As a Solutions Architect, you have understood the global infrastructure. To develop and build secure applications, that run on the architectural principles of AWS. The standalone challenge is using & integrating the AWS tools and security features in traditional services rendered by the organizations. 

Thus, all the solutions Architect ascertains that all the technical requirements are meant having a business lens. This certification, when conferred proves your worth in many ways. You prove that you meet the customers’ requirements by defining solutions in architectural design. You, as a Solutions Architect, lead the organization throughout the project life cycle. With your robust knowledge of applications and deploy them securely. 

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Web services & Technologies 

Above all, you have to have the cloud fluency in web services like AWS EC2, Batch, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, Launch Wizard, Lighsail, outposts, SAM, wavelength, S3, Backup and Aurora so on and so forth.

These services and technologies are ahead of their time and provide solutions rapidly. Take, for example, IAM, Artifact, Cognito, WAF, secret mangers and RAM without knowledge of these you cannot outperform. Thus, AWS has been catering credentials in the form of certifications to interested candidates in Cloud computing architecture. 

The success determinants

Business Acumen and cloud fluency is the key to be a successful solutions architect. You are the keeper of the AWS Well-Architected framework pillars! Your flexibility in communicating the best practices to customers will make you achieve your dream. You make them realize how to capitalize on the momentum with the cloud. 

With this curious mindset, you tend to travel on-site meetings, write scripts and prioritize time on tasks. Your credential is an assurance to all your customers, to revert you when they face any problems. Thus, as SA, you must demonstrate technical prowess on basic programming, networking, security skills, CICD and modern application architectural skills. 

The Certification 

To be a Professional solutions architect, you have to earn three certifications.

The pathway to be a SA goes through the AWS Tech Essential certification to AWS CSAA and lastly AWS SA-P. Out of the 12 AWS certifications, the SA domain has one entry-level then one Associate level certification and a professional level certification. In the AWS SAA, you have four domains to prepare, and they are as follows:

  • Design resilient Architecture
  • Design High Performing Architecture
  • Design Secure Application
  • Design cost-optimized Architecture
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This certification is an intermediate difficulty level certification that requires an applicant to have at least 9 months of work experience in the cloud computing Architecture domain. The certification exam will cost you $150 & it is multi-lingual in nature. You will get 130 minutes exactly to complete 65 Performance-based MCQs.

The Salary

As an AWS SAA, you get an average salary of $117000! This is one of the 10 highest paying certifications in North America alone. Further with completion of AWS SA-Professional certification, you are entitled to a pay hike of 25%. You get roughly around $145000! Now just imagine how with less $1000 investment and your indomitable commitment, you can change the reality. In this article, we have laid focus on the Associate level because the professional level certification is not easy to crack. It requires some hands-on experience to easily comprehend the questions asked in the professional exams. 


As you can see, it is a tough nut to crack, but once you have cracked, there is no going back. Your typical day might be tiring, but the rewards are enormous. On average, a mid-level organization can afford a team of 6 SAA with one SA- Professional to lead them.

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