How New Technology Is Improving Robot Vacuums

Vacuuming your house can prove to be a real pain but thankfully we have the best robot vacuums to make our lives a little easier in 2021. While they do take care of the dust and dirt in your homes, they are not yet as advanced to completely replace manual cleaning for us. 

It is, however, undeniable that these devices considerably reduce the time and effort spent on household chores while delivering convenience at the same time. Today, the best robot vacuums are equipped with advanced cleaning technologies but in reality, it had proven to be quite a bumpy ride to get here.

History of the RoboVac

The first robot vacuum or RoboVac that was manufactured by Sweden’s Electrolux in 1996 used to work fairly well until it encountered walls or other furniture and ended up abruptly colliding with objects. Due to this, they used to leave certain areas unclean and as a result, its production was discontinued.

This was followed by Britain’s Dyson variant in 2001, which was an improved version of the earlier Swedish model. But it failed to see the face of mass production as it had been priced too high.

It was not until the American company iRobot manufactured their RoboVac model called Roomba a year later that things started to look better. Finally, there was a model which was able to change directions, detect dirty spots by itself and sense steep drops or uneven surfaces.

This was the beginning of more innovations to follow and today we have RoboVacs that are equipped with security cameras and even self-navigating systems. We took a close look at some of the best robot vacuums in 2021 to understand how new technology has been improving RoboVacs since its inception two decades ago.

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New Age RoboVacs

In current times RoboVacs are all-around performers equipped with advanced sensors that allow them to easily navigate around furniture and prevent themselves from colliding against walls or objects. Our top picks for this list include those models which are ideal for quick cleanings and routine maintenance for your home.

  1. iRobot Roomba 960

Since their first launched model in 2002, the brand has become almost synonymous with RoboVac technology. It is Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with dirt-detection sensors, three cleaning modes and camera-driven mapping navigation. In addition, it also has an easy-to-use interface with the option to control it through voice commands.

  1. Roborock S4 Max

The S4 comes with features that are only seen in RoboVacs with much higher price tags. This involves it being Wi-Fi enabled in addition to problem spot detection, self-mapping and virtual barriers. Boasting a high battery life of 180 minutes it also has a larger than average size dustbin that is able to clean itself.

  1. Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum

If you are on a tight budget, this is the one to opt for. It has a bounce navigation system allowing hassle-free cleaning and a battery life of more than 100 minutes. In addition, it is also Wi-Fi enabled, compatible with Alexa or Google voice and is able to sense objects in its path to avoid colliding against them.

  1. EufyRoboVac 11S

No other RoboVac is as quiet and nimble as the Eufy 11S. You can barely notice its sound while it is working. It is thinner than most other models, allowing it to glide under furniture and pick up hidden specks of dirt or debris. Equipped with a semi-random navigator allows it to work best in small spaces and gets your floor spotlessly clean.

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In the past few years, no other device has been seen to advance as quickly as robot vacuums have. Although it once used to be something that was beyond our imaginations, today we have a whole array of technical features at various prices to choose from as well.

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