How to Ask for Reviews of Products

Customer reviews are incredibly crucial when we talk about the success of any product. A few positive remarks from users leaves a powerful impact on your entire website. Five-star reviews are something that the product launchers consistently want to see on their website. But the question is, how can you get them? How to ask for reviews of products from your customers? 

The truth is that asking for reviews is never easy. It can make you feel awkward or self-serving. That’s why many product launchers skip this part and hesitate in asking for reviews from their satisfied customers. 

That’s where this article will come into play. After reading this article, you will be able to ask for reviews from your customers. The truth is most people want to leave a review and share their positive experiences, but they skip it because they don’t know that an opportunity is there.

So, let’s get started exploring the review psyche and find out how you can ask for reviews of products from your clients. Before searching for techniques, let’s get started and understand why asking for reviews is essential.

Importance of Asking for Product Reviews

To understand the importance of asking for product reviews, you have to set yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Consider you are planning to buy a new product. What will appear to be most attractive to you? Yes, the reviews. The Glowing Google reviews give you the confidence to purchase the product with the most positive reviews and skip the one with negative feedback.

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Also, customer reviews are essential because what others say about your product/business is more important than what you say. Research shows more than 80% of the customers trust online reviews while purchasing a product online.

Multiple and recent reviews are incredibly beneficial as they help gain more trust from your clients and make your business flourish at a faster pace. 

How to Ask for Reviews of Products from Customers

There are many ways of asking for product reviews blogs from customers. Your success generally depends on the way you communicate with your client. Keep this thing in mind that you should use multiple options during communication with your client. Never stick to one method only. Some of the commonly used ways of asking for product reviews from customers are:

  • In-person
  • Via text message or a phone call
  • Through your website
  • Using email
  • Through Social Media

Let’s discuss each of these methods briefly so that the understanding becomes more comfortable for you.

·      In-Person

Asking for a review in person is quite intimidating; however, it is a practical approach. The best scenario is when a customer approaches you with unsolicited praise, you can request them to provide positive feedback on your page. That’s how you can gain more and more clients.

·      Using the Phone

Another method for asking the reviews from your clients is through cell phones. You and your employees can explore plenty of opportunities and request reviews through phone calls and text messages.

However, be careful while implementing this strategy. If you have just helped a client come out of a difficult problem, it’s not the right time to ask for a review. However, if you have a satisfied customer, this is the right time to ask for a review.

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·       Through the Email

Using email to ask for a review is a trustworthy and professional approach to grow your business. Email is a great channel to communicate with your customers because more than 90% of the customers check their email daily.

Another benefit of using email to ask for a review is that you can attach the link to the platform you are requesting. 

·      Using Your Website

Asking for reviews through your website is another useful and common method of growing your business. One way of doing this is by creating a page that provides links to all the platforms you have listings.

You can also include a CTA to leave a review on various places on your website. However, many businesses benefit from having a dedicated reviews and testimonials page accessible via the main navigation. Another option is to include existing reviews on the page along with the CTA to leave a review.

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