How to Find Job Vacancies in Singapore Online?

If you have a dream to live and work in Singapore, then it is worth fulfilling it. Singapore is an attractive destination for labor migration, surpassing New Zealand, Canada and Australia in popularity. 

Security, a high level of medicine, excellent conditions for doing business, low corruption, high average salaries, and most importantly, the country’s policy of attracting highly qualified specialists and the ease of obtaining a residence permit have made this country a cherished dream of job seekers. The salary plug for specialists in Singapore ranges from S $ 500 to S $ 24,000. At the top are demanded specialties: exclusive medical specialists and top management (10,000 – 24,000 S $). 

Mid-level management, IT specialists, lawyers, financiers, engineers, economists, lecturers receive about S $ 5,000 – S $ 10,000. They are followed by sales managers, aviation specialists (technicians), secretaries, clerks, insurance specialists – 2000 – 5000 S $. Service personnel, service workers, nursing staff, operators, workers, security guards, cleaning employees, parking specialists, cashiers receive from 1000 to 2000 S $. At the bottom of the list are construction workers, cleaners without qualifications, a watchman – 500 – 1000 S $. Of course, these are all average figures. 

Speaking about skilled labor, it can be noted that the most in-demand professions abroad in general, and in Singapore in particular, are programmers, businessmen, doctors, technology engineers and teachers. It will be easy to find a job for IT specialists, biochemists, pilots or aircraft mechanics. 

Everyone who has managed to find a job and gain a foothold in Singapore notes that the best option would be to first find a job, conclude a contract, and then come to Singapore, and not vice versa. Basically, everyone is looking for work on the Internet, or through friends. Various internet sites and recruiting agencies should be used – both local and international. The greater the coverage of such resources, the higher the chances of finding a job. It is worth reading local forums, making online acquaintances, asking for advice. The priority, naturally, will be for specialists with work experience. But beginners shouldn’t be upset either, but should consider all the options. Perhaps, in parallel with looking for a job in Singapore, take courses in the specialty and work in Russia in the desired specialty. 

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In terms of visas, the country is friendly to qualified specialists. If there is a contract to work with a company, then the latter itself draws up a work visa (EP). On this visa, you can work only in this company. If you change the company, the visa will have to be reissued. An emigrant visa (PR) is given for 5 years. Having it, you don’t have to work, but you still have to pay social security contributions. There is also a multiple entry visa. It is valid for 2 months, then it can be extended for a month, leaving for 5-7 days in Malaysia. However, there is no reason to be discouraged by those who are not yet highly qualified. Local recruiting advertisements are full of job vacancies in Singapore: customer service, security, delivery service, waiters, social workers. But there are also certain difficulties. These vacancies are mainly responded to by residents of Bangladesh, immigrants from Sri Lanka, Indonesia. They agree to work for several hundred dollars a month and live in a barrack. 

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