Technology and Its Impact On Modern Workspace

Technology innovation is the greatest gift of the 21st century. It has transformed our lives from personal matters to our official workload. Now, we cannot imagine the world without technology. Especially when we talk about the workplace environment, it seems a lot different than the previous century. Concepts about professionalism and business ethics have been changed significantly. 

Considering the workplace environment for employees, we observe that employers have facilitated their workers significantly with modern technology. Along with technology, they have also emphasized the standards of employees’ wellbeing and safety. For instance, some tech companies offer Rx safety glasses to their employees with weak eyesight. As a result, they enjoy protected and better vision during work and after work.

Some Prominent Effects of Technology on the Workplace and the Employees

  • Instant Communication

Internet and other technology tools have boosted the communication setup inside offices. Now, employees communicate with each other instantly without any delay. This speedy communication helps them get instant replies from any junior or senior colleague or management of the company. It has reduced the time log that was wasted before communicating through physical means. So as in business, time is money; technology has saved official hours’ worthy of trillions of dollars (and even more). 

  • Increased Productivity

Today, we do a small calculation of daily routine to complex business problems with the help of technology. For every business industry, there are many effective technology solutions. These solutions enable the companies to boost their productivity in the minimum time. Employees work quickly and efficiently with the help of these technologies. For example, the automotive industry is using automatic security systems to prevent any possible theft of the vehicle. Hence, it enhances the customers’ trust and reliability in the company. 

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If we look around any industry in the world, we are compelled to say that technology is boosting productivity everywhere.

  • Better Employees Safety

In the past, the world has faced incidents like gas emission from the chemical manufacturing unit, severe fire in the building, or injuries at the workplace. Those incidents happened due to a lack of personal safety equipment. With innovative technologies, we have also better personal safety equipment. PPE is now an industry that provides safety equipment to every industry according to its technological requirements. Like if a construction company wants to protect its workers at the construction site, it has the option to buy costly or cheap safety goggles and helmets. Along with equipment, we can keep track and surveillance of the employees in case of any danger. 

  • Work flexibility

Digital devices have not saved out time, it has made our work routine flexible. People are no longer bound to complete the official assignment in specific hours. They can complete the task at any time in the office. With the ease of accessibility, we feel flexible while doing work in the office.

Technology has even given us a new form of the workplace, which is remote work or freelancing. Now, employees don’t necessarily need to sit at the office in that typical 9 to 5 format. They can work sitting anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet-enabled device and their specific machine. However, remote work does not apply to those industries where any physical production is required. Like we cannot work remotely to manufacture a piece of paper. Or we cannot work as freelance to work in the mining industry.

  • Multi-Cultural Workplace
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The Internet has connected every part of the world. These days, it’s not essential that every employee working in a small county of Minnesota must be from the same town. Even a person from any far African country can be working with you. SO technology has made our work environment multi-cultural. 

This is a common practice in multi-national companies and technology companies. Like in the tech companies of Silicon Valley, we observe the majority of people have come from outside America. It is also good for the organization and the employees as they learn from each other and grow.

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  1. Dear, let me add another point to your article. yes technology has made our work routine easier, still its human ability to cope with the changes happening at the workplace. So we should train and aware our employees about the change management so they can keep on learning and producing their best skills.

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