Pros And Cons Of Using Online Fax Services For Your E-Business

The invention of new technologies enables businesses to work more efficiently and increase their productivity. In addition, modern technologies help improve business agility, boost employee collaboration, promote data security, and much more. This list of benefits is endless. Though there are several modern technologies, one of these is the use of online faxing.  

This article has all you need to know about online faxing. You’re going to learn what online fax is, its pros and cons. Read on.

What Is Online Fax?

Also known as e-fax, online fax is a technology that uses the worldwide Internet Protocol (IP) network to send and receive faxes. It allows businesses to share documents in digital form. For instance, instead of using traditional fax machines to send documents, you can use Gmail fax to send or receive files online. However, you must have a Gmail account and internet connection.

What Are The Pros Of Online Fax?

There are several benefits of using online fax. Some of these include:

  1. Security

Though the new technologies have come with several benefits, they also pose some risks to businesses. Why? Most hackers utilize the same technologies to steal business documents and other vital information.  

You can avoid losing your data by using online faxing. It is possible because online faxing allows you to encrypt your faxes before sending them. So, hackers or any other unauthorized person can’t access them.  

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Besides, the recipient of the faxes needs an account and password to open or print your faxes. It ensures that your business documents are secure.

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  1. Scalable

Scalability is another significant advantage of using online fax. It means that online faxing can adapt to your business demands. So, even when your business expands and becomes large, you should not be worried. Your existing fax resources will still serve it. So, you won’t be required to buy any extra equipment or tools. You will be required only to pay your usual monthly subscriptions. 

  1. Convenience

Another reason why you need to have online fax in your business is the convenience it offers. With that said, you can send your documents at any time and from anywhere. So, whether you’re in your office or at home, you can still share business documents with your workers and other stakeholders. 

Besides, online faxing allows you to save a lot of time. It is possible because it takes a second to send a fax and deliver it to the recipient. You can use the saved time to perform other business key operations.  

  1. No Maintenace Cost

Another advantage of using online fax is that you will not incur any maintenance costs because online faxing uses cloud-based storage. You don’t need to use any specialized machine. You only need to have a laptop or a phone, which requires little or no maintenance at all. It allows you to maximize your profits.

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  1. Allows E-Signature
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If you want to include a signature in your digital documents, you need to have online fax. It is because online faxing can allow you to include e-signatures in your documents. 

E-signature is the practice of signing digital documents using online tools. So, you don’t have to print the files to sign them. Online faxing can allow you to sign them over the internet.  

What Are The Cons Of Online Fax?

Though online faxing comes with many benefits, it also has some challenges. Some of these include:

  • Needs Stable Internet Connection

One of the challenges in online faxing is the fact that you must have an internet connection. It is disadvantageous, especially for remote working conditions where the internet connection is slow. So, when the internet is slow or malfunctions, it means that you can’t send or receive any fax. It can slow down your business productivity. 

  • High Installation Costs

Another challenge of using online faxing is the installation cost that comes with it. Most online fax installation services providers charge a lot of money. It becomes a big challenge, especially to startups, small businesses, or other financially distressed firms. That’s the reason most companies haven’t shifted to online faxing.  


Online faxing is the way to go for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition. It involves the use of the internet to send documents. As you’ve seen above, there are several benefits of shifting to online faxing. For instance, it promotes data security, it’s convenient, scalable, and requires no maintenance cost. On the flip side, online faxing depends on the internet connection, and also, you may incur a lot of installation costs.

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