Top 6 Safety Tips For Every Tech Company

Workplace safety has been a priority for every organization and every employee working in it. Safety is one of the basic human concerns. Everyone wants to have a better and safe workplace. So whether we talk about tech professionals of Silicon Valley or employees working in a chemical manufacturing unit, all of them deserve a safe workplace. 

Despite the continuous struggle for a safer workplace, injuries at the workplace are common everywhere in the world. According to the National Safety Council of the US, an employee gets injured every 37 seconds in the US. The injury ratio is even more in other parts of the world. So it lies a responsibility for every employee to take care of their safety at the work. 

6 Safety Tips for Every Tech Company

Here, we will discuss some simple and essential safety steps that will prevent injuries to the minimum level.

  1. Safety program for employees by the employers

Employees are the most valuable asset of every employer. So it’s their moral, legal, and professional duty to provide their employees with a safer and better work environment. Considering the workplace hazards, many organizations launch safety programs within the company for their employees. These programs are industry-specific and vary as per the requirements of the employees. 

For instance, workers of a bio-medical laboratory need eyewear safety to protect their eyes from any harmful gas emission. So the lab management will get safety glasses online or offline through a safety program that provides additional benefits to the employees. Studies have shown that workers wearing eyewear safety at potentially dangerous places face very few eye injuries. 

  1. Every employee must keep an eye on the surroundings
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Working in a place that is fully-equipped with safety devices does not ensure that you will not face any danger in the future. Rather you are working in a glamorous fashion brand or a corporate office or a manufacturing unit or a construction site, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the surroundings. After entering the workplace, observe the whole surroundings thoroughly. When every employee tracks the environment, we enjoy a safer workplace.

  1. Report any danger to the management immediately

Whether you are working in the same workplace for years or a few days, make it a habit to observe any potential danger at the workplace. Report to the management immediately about it. If the danger seeks immediate attention, ask the management to remove the hazard immediately. Your timely response can save the lives of your colleagues. We have seen many such examples (and still see) that one employee has saved many other people’s lives by informing about the emergency on time.

  1. Always Follow SOPs when using technology

By studying many workplace incidents, it has come to know that most of the accidents occur because workers did not follow the standard procedures as issued by the company. This issue is worsened when using any technology device or machine. When employees don’t operate the machines and technology as mentioned, electrical or mechanical faults appear that lead to major accidents like fire, machine damage, and even human death. So whichever industry you are working for, don’t navigate your machine outside the standard rules.

  1. Every employee must wear safety equipment where required
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According to a report by the National Safety Council, 2 out of 5 injuries at the workplace happen because employees do not wear safety equipment at the time of the incident. The other reason for the accidents is the lack of safety equipment. These injuries are often major that even lead to death. So if the employers provide safety equipment for work, employees must wear a safety kit where required. Like if engineers need to check the working of an electrical transmission system, they must ensure the full body protection before going there. 

Even if the organization does not provide safety wear, you should get the minimum safety devices on your own. Nowadays, there are many cheap and authentic safety equipment providers online such as 3M, WileyX glasses, DeWalt, and Oakley, etc. You can also get the basic safety equipment from a nearby store. So don’t compromise on safety at any cost. 

  1. Every employee must know how to exit in an emergency

You may come to the office and go back home through the same entrance. You may not notice something to worry about. But you have to be aware of the emergency plan. Wherever you work, always know the exit plan in case of an emergency. If any such conditions appear, don’t be late to evacuate from the workplace. Also, take your colleagues with you during the exit if they don’t know the exit. 

With the evolution of technology, humans will continue their struggle for a safer workplace. It can be achieved through a collaboration of technological advancement and personal safety prevention measures.  So show your professionalism by practicing the safety steps. 

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  1. COVID-19 has reminded us the importance of safety as we are all wearing personal safety masks, gloves and face shields. The same rule applies to every workspace. In other words, stay safe or be late.

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