Tech Trends That House Moving Companies Should Pay Attention To

Moving companies today focus on ensuring that their clients get the best care when it comes to packing and transporting their belongings from their old house to their new home. And thanks to modern innovations such as websites and social media, moving companies now have access to audiences which, with the help of their content, may be encouraged to check out their services and even hire them for other specialized moves such as apartment moves, corporate moves, and even things such as packing and storage.

If you own a moving company, you might wonder how you can stand out from the rest of your contemporaries, given you all exist within the same niche and use almost the same set of tools. Interestingly enough, some unique tech trends exist that you can capitalize and use to set yourself apart from the rest of your rivals. Here are some of them: 

  • Client freedom and self-organization. Thanks to multiple smartphone apps, clients are now finding more freedom when it comes to organizing their own moves. A lot of apps enable them not just to create schedules, but also organize inventories, make estimates, and even book a moving and storage service depending on their needs. As such, moving companies should start thinking about making their websites and other offerings offer something to the vein of client customization, as well as giving clients the freedom to modify their move as per their convenience.
  • Seamless customer service with chatbots. Thanks to the arrival of advanced systems such as AI and chatbots, it’s possible for moving companies and other services to set up chatbots in order to ensure 24/7 customer service. Moreover, business owners can use algorithms in order to predict potential client questions and organize responses for chatbots, as well as record questions they don’t have answers to. Lastly, most of these algorithms enable chatbots to redirect customers to human agents, which will likely be able to assist customers with their needs.
  • Advanced cost estimation and tracking. Thanks to advanced computational and geographical tracking services today, moving companies may be able to provide much more accurate cost estimates as well as tracking of household items as the moving process makes progress. Not only does this give audiences the indication that your company provides honest tracking, this is also quite the advanced feature that can set yourself apart from other teams. 
  • Local SEO provides better exposure. Thanks to advanced algorithms and geotracking, most services are capable of reaching their audiences based on their location and searches. Your moving company New York City can utilize this by keeping tabs on individuals that search about local moves and then tailor-fitting your content to accommodate their needs. If you pair this with a CRM, you’ll likely be able to streamline your audience and customer analysis method and make more meaningful campaigns.
  • Apps work in tandem with websites. Aside from having functional websites, a lot of customers seem to look for services that also utilize their own apps. This might be a bit costly to do at first, but developing your own app will allow you to customize what you show to audiences and how exactly you want them to use and interact with your service. Aside from giving them the opportunity to make the move more personal and tailored to their needs, this gives them a sense of autonomy over the moving process. Moreover, making your app compatible with other useful apps such as estimation, inventory, and scheduling apps can make your movers app a potential instant hit. 
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Tech Trends Today: Capitalize On Your Moving Potential

With the above trends in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s one thing to use tech to improve your website and service offerings. However, it’s a whole other story if you actually capitalize on existing technology to upgrade the way you showcase your offerings, communicate with your audience, and serve your customers. With the above trends, you can capitalize on any one of them and tailor-fit them to your current marketing and sales strategy in order to fully maximize the kind of benefits you may reap from them – be it from generating clicks, creating new leads, or securing sales.                                                  

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