The 3 Best Ways To Use Chatbots For Your Marketing Campaign

Automating aspects of a business is essential these days to make sure you are directing resources where they’re needed the most. Marketing is an area of the business that can be done very effectively with automation software. One of the best programs to use is a chatbot that not only helps you streamline your marketing campaign but it also enhances the customer experience

If you have never used a chatbot then you will need to understand its best uses. They can be used for a lot of different areas of marketing. In this article, we will go over several of the ways that you can get the most out of using a chatbot

1 – Qualify your leads

Not all leads are the same so many marketers will need to sort them out for the sales team. Each type of lead will require its own language and approach when it comes to moving it along the sales funnel. It used to be up to the sales team to do this which was time-consuming and removed them from the process to actually close a sale. 

Using a chatbot can do this automatically now so your sales team is not sorting these things out themselves. The chatbot uses AI to ask qualifying questions of the lead so they can then be sent along to the appropriate sales specialist that will treat that lead in its own special way. 

The key is for the chatbot to create an engaging conversation that will entice the customer to participate and give out lots of useful information. This not only speeds up the sales cycle because lead times are reduced but it also filters out junk leads so they don’t waste the sales team’s time. 

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2 – Personalize the user experience

Advances in AI technology have made chatbots that act very natural and engaging. Part of the engagement is the need to make the experience more personal. While it seems counterintuitive to use software to make the experience more personal, it actually does work this way. 

People have accepted that they are going to be bombarded with ads as they use the internet. As a trade-off, they expect the ads to be relevant to them and not generic or not useful for their needs. A bot is going to understand their needs more quickly than a human ever could so it increases how personalized the ad experience will be. 

With information gleaned from cookies, the chatbot can initiate conversations with personal information about the visitor. 

3 – Reach a large audience

Using social media can be a big-time suck for your marketing team. When you use a chatbot, they are able to allow the team to focus on other areas. AI can interact with a much bigger base of social media users than any human team could ever dream of. They are able to work across a wide variety of platforms so they can find new people who would ordinarily have been ignored since it is not possible to spend time on every social media network. 

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