The Only Guide You Need to Build Robust Security & Limit Turnover

Turnover is a common concern that has plagued the private security industry for years. It is one of the biggest reasons several security agencies struggle to offer quality security services and win high ticket contracts. Although the reasons are many, let’s look at the bright side – the solutions. These eight tips will help build robust security teams, reduce turnover, and help you bag more contracts.

Hire for Experience and Train for Skill

Look for officers with experience in law enforcement or military backgrounds. These individuals will understand what it takes to be a good security officer. They will also be able to better handle difficult situations that may arise on the job.

New officers should be put through a rigorous training program covering everything from fire safety to first aid. They should also receive ongoing training throughout their employment. This will help them stay up-to-date on new procedures and protocols.

Use Security Patrolling Software

This will help officers stay organized and on track. It will also allow them to see their progress and receive feedback in real-time. 

Other salient features of a security guard patrolling software include:

  • GPS tracking: Know where your officers are at all times.
  • Schedule management: You can stay on top of shift changes and vacations.
  • Reporting: Generate reports to show to clients.
  • Analytics: Track trends and see where improvements can be made.
  • Time Stamping: Track when officers arrive and leave their posts.
  • Geo-fencing: Set up virtual boundaries and get alerts if an officer steps outside of them.
  • Photo Capture: Take pictures of incidents and upload them to the software.
  • Electronic Reporting: Officers can fill out reports electronically.
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THERMS can help you offer quality security guard patrolling services.

Offer a Competitive Salary and Benefits Package

This will help ensure that the officers don’t get distracted financially at their jobs. It is also important to offer opportunities for advancement. This will give officers something to work towards and help them feel like they are part of a team.

Here are some work perks you can offer:

  • Employee discounts
  • Flexible work hours
  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement savings plan
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Free or discounted parking
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Pet insurance
  • Commuter benefits

Schedule Regular Performance Reviews

This will help identify any issues that need to be addressed. It will also give officers the chance to voice concerns and make suggestions. 

Some issues to address during performance reviews include:

  • Are officers following post orders?
  • Are they providing excellent customer service?
  • Do they have a good working knowledge of security procedures?
  • Do they handle difficult situations well?

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Set Clear Expectations

Make sure that officers know what is expected of them. This includes everything from being on time for their shifts to completing their daily tasks. If officers know about the expectations, they are more likely to meet or exceed them.

Show Appreciation

A little appreciation can go a long way in boosting your officers’ morale. Whether it’s a thank you card or an employee of the month program, showing appreciation will let officers know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

Other ways to appreciate the officers include:

  • Awarding bonuses
  • Giving paid time off
  • Allowing them to take on additional responsibilities
  • Promoting them to a higher position.
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Emphasize Teamwork

Officers should feel like they are part of a team, not just another cog in the machine. This can be accomplished by emphasizing teamwork during training and having officers work together on projects.

Promote From Within

This will show officers that there are opportunities for advancement and help them feel like they are part of a team.

Final Word

Well-equipped and trained security teams are key to avoiding incidents and providing quality client services. By following these steps, security company owners can build stronger security teams, limit turnover, and win more contracts.

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