Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Products Online

Thanks to the enormous range of online e-commerce shops, now most of us can fulfill our dire cravings for shopping or “shopping-spree”. But wait, do you know how to shop effectively from online stores while avoiding online shopping mistakes? Guilty of too much online shopping, said no one ever.

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Products Online

Well, here’s a few tip to enhance your shopping experience and a guide to the most common mistakes to avoid in online shopping:

1. Not comparing prices online and offline

Online shopping is such a rapidly growing market that tons of shopping sites are added to the WWW every day. With so many active sites selling the same product, finding the cheapest and most reliable website can be tough. But it would be wrong to claim online items always cost more as you will always have one or the other hidden site that sells at a cheaper rate, just keep your eyes open.

Although this hack might not be new to you, not comparing prices before buying is considered to be a huge blunder in the online shopping world. Take out that extra effort and time to avoid this mistake as you might not always get the best price.

2. Choosing unreliable shopping sites

There are tons of lesser-known websites with either poor reputation or whose credibility could not be validated yet. Sometimes, these sites are also shown on the first page of Google search and while they may seem quite lucrative for online shoppers due to the following reasons, just be careful:

  • Ridiculously cheap product cost
  • Selling useful but rare products that are hard to find elsewhere
  • Promising more-than-usual free gifts, discounts, and cashback offers
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Shopping from unreliable or suspicious sites is considered to be the biggest online shopping mistake, especially where COD is not available. You might not receive the exact same product as promised online or you might receive a substandard product.

Worst case scenario, sometimes nothing might reach you after paying for the order. Using these websites can even turn out to be the worst mistake during online purchasing as you might also risk your personal details and card details. So, before you decide to buy anything from an unknown site, make sure that you search for the authenticity of the site from online or offline sources.

3. Ignoring shipping costs

We all do this all the time – how cute is that t-shirt look at it – and voila! Order placed! We add a product to our cart, ready to place the order, and it’s that time when the hefty shipping charge takes our notice. Nevertheless, cursing the hefty price, we anyway end up buying that favorite item we found after so long and make this mistake during online shopping. This happens often in case of products shipped from overseas but often, a little more product search can save you.

4. Ignoring free trials

A lot of online shoppers make this online shopping mistake because they don’t know the significance of free trials. If you can’t believe this fact, just go through your email inbox and you will find numerous untouched emails about free trial offers that have never bothered you enough to go through. Though free trials are like gifts with a lot more to gain than to lose, people often make this terrible mistake while online buying.

But most people stay away from free trial offers in fear of losing lots of money on failure to cancel the free trial subscription before the free period gets over. To avert making this mistake during online shopping, you need to remove this fear by setting reminders or by taking other measures to cancel the subscription while there’s still time.

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5.  Using public WiFi

It’s human instinct to gleam with joy on finding something useful for absolutely zero pennies. The same is with free public WiFi, our eyes actually light up with joy. This might seem unusual for you, but this makes up one of the legit mistakes while online buying – be it tickets or shopping items.

Free public Wi-Fi is one of those easiest “free-passes” for hackers to gain access into your account details.  Not being password protected, public WiFi also does not have firewalls to block hackers from accessing site details and personal details of sites you open while being connected to the network. Never use public free Wi-Fi to shop from online stores, especially if you have to deal with sensitive data such as credit card details.

6. Not going through reviews before purchasing

Purchasing without reading reviews is the worst mistake during online shopping. E-commerce sites are a vast market with both good and bad products sold and there is no exception to this even for renowned or lesser-known shopping sites. In such cases, reviews are the one and only source to detect if a product is worth buying or not. Going through reviews before making a purchase is deemed to be the best way to avoid any deceiving experiences while shopping online.

By reading reviews, you will instantly get a rough idea about what you can expect from that seller or product as most online users share their real experiences after buying the product. You will also find such reviews about particular websites, where you will get a fair idea of the quality of items sold and reliability of a website.

7. Ignoring return policy

You see a beautiful printed top online and fall in love with it instantaneously. You immediately place the order but when you receive it, you find its size inappropriate and go back to return it only to find there’s no return policy on that site – the retailer is not ready to return back your bucks.

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This is a very common occurrence with most online shoppers and they often make this mistake while buying online, especially clothes. 60% of people don’t pay heed to the return policy of e-commerce sites and later regret it. So, always be careful if you don’t want your money stuck after receiving a damaged item or inappropriate item.

8. Saving Your Personal Information

Saving your personal information on sites for future use is nodoubted appealing, but there are tons of risks associated with it. For example, if an entire retail website is compromised, your personal information and card details are the first elements at stake.

While it’s okay to use your personal data while opening an account and save your username and password, you should never save credit card information online.

9. Shopping Without Coupons

There are tons of websites with searchable lists of coupon codes available for almost all renowned online websites that are super easy to use by just copying and pasting. Just search for “coupon codes” with a website name and you could find coupons to save huge bucks within just a few seconds.

10. Signing Up Free Trials using card

Free trials on some websites require credit card details; while the retailer might promise not to charge anything if you cancel before the trial period ends. While there’s nothing to worry about in most cases, certain retailers make it extremely hard to proceed with the cancellation, practically forcing you to continue a long-term membership. Look out- if the discounts are such that you rarely need them anyway – skip it.


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  1. A very helpful guide. I did not used to check for return policy before but now I guess I will be taking care of it. Overall it upgraded my online shopping style and fundamentals.

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