Top 10 Social Media Sites to Grow your Business

Whether you are a business owner or social media marketer; it is always useful to have a sharp eye on the most popular social media sites around. So, now you’ve decided to take a step and invest in social media sites for business; the question arises – which social media platform should you invest in more? 

We all agree to how social media is becoming one of the cheapest or sometimes free of cost marketing thereby increasing ROI for the businesses.

10 Social Media Sites to Grow your Business

Let us take a look at the top 10 social media platforms to grow your business by increasing visibility, promoting products/services, generating new leads and driving sales.


It is the second-largest platform used by businesses across the world for marketing. With over 800 million active users, you can take great advantage by focusing on specific demographic data or targeted audience. One added benefit of using Instagram is that it links a similar user base and advertising tool just as Messenger. 

You need to increase your followers which will organically increase the scope of your profile and business-related posts. With the creative features of stories, video reels, and posts; you’re never missing out on sharing any updates to your audience.

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social media

Being a biased-free platform, Youtube is used by users of any age group from toddler to senior citizen. The platform allows you to create a business channel where you shall post a consistent video to grab user attention and increase subscribers. 

After reaching over 4k views and posting 100 videos on your channel, YouTube enrolls it as a paid one. With the help of google ads, appropriate keywords, and trending hashtags; you can promote your business without any investment.

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This may seem a bit unusual but believe it, Pinterest is much useful to grow your business. With just high-quality photos and service-related content; your business is going to reach 320 million active Pinterest users. 

                                                                                                                                            All of your products and services will be viewed as a series or category via Pinterest to attract online traffic for growing business. Though Pinterest is not as powerful advertising platform compared to others still you can leverage advantages by using paid advertisements.


It is the most youth-oriented social media platform that allows to uploads videos or stories publicly or individually. A Snapchat user story can be seen once but a business story gets available up to 24 hours. 

The platform automatically adjusts according to the mobile screens and provide high-quality videos with a location-based filter. For marketing purposes, Snapchat offers paid advertising services where you can link your business Snapchat in their Discovery section.

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One of the top-rated and frequently used social platform – Facebook is widely popular for doing business. With over 2 billion users, the platform has more than 60 million business pages for promoting their products and services in an efficient way. 

Simply create a business page on Facebook and start promoting brand awareness among the targeted users including website traffic, online conversions, lead generation. You can even experiment with A/B split testing with your content marketing to figure out what your users like and expect from the brand. With the proper blend of facebook knowledge, advertising platform and user base; your business is likely to stand out from the crowd.

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Some of you might have an image of Twitter as a ‘political platform’ but with over 300 million active users, you can definitely select it for business promotions. Twitter allows you to post pictures, videos and provide real-time updates along with messaging facility. 

As the platform always comes with trending subjects, you need to become aware of its hashtag algorithm in order to promote your brand and reach a wide range of users. It also offers businesses a special feature of customer service by quickly responding as per their requirement.

Google My Business

In 201, Google came up with Google My Business platform for improvising search results and filtering them as per the user requirement. The ultimate purpose of the platform is to solve all the queries for specific searched items of the user. 

Create a free account and get your business registered on the platform. Further, you can communicate quickly with your user’s via Google Maps and Search. Upload unique photos and business deals on your profile to attract more user attention. One big advantage of Google My Business is that customers can connect with you via texts, calls, emails or reviews anytime anywhere. 


This platform is one of a kind and allows you to have B2B and B2C marketing communication. Linkedin allows you to create a free account and works on a connection-based algorithm followed by a few restrictions of search features and private member accounts. 

For businesses, it is always a great idea to sign up for premium accounts to avail all the benefits and reach the maximum targeted audience. Start off by posting pictures and video of your services, create user awareness, request to make a connection with similar business heads and do not forget to use hashtags for wider user reach.

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It is an additional chat feature that blends well with a Facebook mobile app. The app is extensible to business pages where you can connect with your targeted audience via messages and share photos or videos for brand promotion. 

You can even share a link to Messenger on your business page for connecting with clients. In addition to this, you can set up automated messages for your Facebook page that send an automatic crafted message to organic users.


Last but not the least, you can never get closely connected with your targeted audience on any platform except Whatsapp. Nowadays, people are continuously having their phone in hands and it can be an immense opportunity to create brand awareness and even track user responses. 

Being used in 180 countries, WhatsApp is the only used platform for communicating with family and friends. Opt for WhatsApp business, create a business account and start promoting your services or products by creating groups or individually. 

You can further select from WhatsApp Business app – designed for small businesses or WhatsApp Business API for medium to large businesses for effective marketing.


Here, we come to the end of the article. From the above top rated list of platforms, ultimately it all depends on you and your business nature to decide which one suits you best. If you still find it difficult to promote your business on these social platforms, do not hesitate to contact our marketing team and unburden yourself from market competition.

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